Google Removes 30 Dangerous Apps From The Play Store

Google Removes 30 Dangerous Apps From Play Store

Google has removed more than 30 popular mobile apps used by Android users from the Play Store, which found to contain dangerous malware. After this step of Google, these apps are no longer available for download on the Play Store. Given this, users advised to delete these apps from their smartphones immediately. The dangerous apps have downloaded more than 20 million times. At the same time, recently, the Indian security agencies issued a red alert, shared a list of 52 mobile applications with the government and asked them to block them as soon as possible.

If we talk about 30 apps removed from the Google Play Store, then recently, WhiteOps Security Researchers have given information about these apps. According to the report, these 30 apps start showing many ads and redirect users to them without clicking the link. Not only this, in many cases, but it is also almost impossible for the users to delete such apps after downloading once.

Next, we are showing you the list of those apps. If any of these apps installed on your phone, delete it immediately. With this, you can protect your phone from the attack of malware. You can see the list of these 30 apps below.

Google Removes 30 Dangerous Apps Lists

Yoriko Camera1,00,000
Camera only5,00,000
Lite Beauty Camera1 million
Beauty Collage Lite5,00,000
Beauty and Filters camera1 million
Photo Collage and beauty camera1,00,000
Gaty Beauty Camera5,00,000
Pand Selfie Beauty Camera50,000
Cartoon Photo Editor and Selfie Beauty Camera1 million
Benbu Selfie Beauty Camera1 million
Pinut Selfie Beauty and Photo Editor1 million
Mood Photo Editor and Selfie Beauty Camera5,00,000
Rose Photo Editor and Selfie Beauty Camera1 million
Selfie Beauty Camera and Photo Editor1,00,000
Fog Selfie Beauty Camera1,00,000
First Selfie Beauty Camera and Photo Editor5 million
Vanu Selfie Beauty Camera1,00,000
Sun Pro Beauty Camera1 million
Funny Sweet Beauty Camera5,00,000
Little Bee Beauty Camera1 million
Beauty Camera and Photo Editor Pro1 million
Grass Beauty Camera1 million
Ele Beauty Camera1 million
Flower Beauty Camera1,00,000
Best Selfie Beauty Camera1 million
Orange Camera5,00,000
Sunny Beauty Camera1 million
Pro Selfie Beauty Camera5,00,000
Selfie Beauty Camera Pro1 million
Elegant Beauty Cam-201950,000

Download More Than Two Crore Times

According to the information, all these apps have downloaded more than two crore times. The whites report states that most are apps that were available for about 17 days before being removed from the Play Store.

Recently, information revealed by media reports that Indian security agencies have received information about 52 such mobile applications that are stealing data of Indians. Describing the use of this application as dangerous, a list has been submitted to the Government of India by the security agencies, and it has said that either these apps should completely block in the country or new guidelines should make regarding the use of this app. The agencies say that the use of these apps is not safe and is stealing large scale data and sending it out.