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Should India Worry About This B.1.1.529 Corona Variant?


B.1.1.529 Corona Variant: When we were getting out of the second wave of Corona, then experts started warning for the third wave. It was feared that by August, the third wave of Corona could begin in India.

After crossing August, we are moving towards December. But we have only seen a decline in corona cases after May, i.e. after the second wave. At the peak of the second wave, about 4 lakh corona cases were coming every day in May. And now 10 thousand 549 new cases have come in the whole country.

Now the total active patients in the country have also remained only 1 lakh 10 thousand. Meaning almost non-existent cases are coming. And on the other hand, we are doing better on the vaccination front as well. 1 billion 200 million doses have been applied. This means that most of the adult population of the country has had a dose of Corona. Therefore, there are sufficient reasons to believe that Corona in India is now at an end.


Although the infection is there, it can spread in any new form at any time. But now, there is no fear of Corona. Governments have also removed almost all restrictions. And now you will see people comfortably walking in the markets without masks.

So we have reached the mode that the pandemic has been left behind. Now everything has become routine. However, we felt the same way in January-February before the second wave started. But then Corona came in a new form and caused immense destruction. The Corona then came in the form of a Delta variant. Now once again, there are similar concerns.

Information about new variants B.1.1.529 of Corona has been received. There has been a stir in the world regarding this variant. Countries are busy closing their doors. What is this new variant, and why is there so much concern in the world about it? Let us understand.


The name of this variant is – B.1.1.529.

Well, this is the scientific name. The World Health Organization will also keep its nickname. For example, names like Beta and Delta were held for the earlier variants WHO had called an emergency meeting today. The information about what was decided in the meeting has not come out yet.

This variant was first identified in the country of Botswana. You may have even heard the name of Botswana today. It is a country lying in the southern part of Africa. It is a neighbour of South Africa. So the initial cases were caught in Botswana, but the highest number of cases were found in South Africa.

This variant is spreading very much in its Khowteng province. Between 12-20 November, 77 samples went here for investigation. And genome sequencing showed that it was the same variant in all 77 cases.


Apart from Khowteng, this variant is also expected to spread in Johannesburg, the capital of South Africa. And now the condition in Africa is that now they have started asking for help from the world. Saying, do not leave us alone, help us.

An institute named Center for Epidemic Response and Innovation in South Africa is engaged in understanding this variant. The director of this institute is Tulio de Oliveira. His statement has come. He has written that this variant is spreading very fast. It has spread so much in two weeks that now most patients are infected with this variant.

In Khowteng province also, about 90 per cent of the patients are now infected with this variant. Every day 1 thousand patients are coming. And further, he has said that save us; only if we survive, we will save the world. Now you must have guessed how severe the matter is.


Scientists do not have much information about this variant yet; research is going on, it will take time to understand. But after all the things that have come to know, the scientists of South Africa have started declaring the matter is very dangerous this time. Even more complex than the Delta variant.

Which was the delta – due to which the second wave of Corona came in the whole world, including India. So that’s why there is a fear that this South African variant may not lead us to the third wave of Corona.

Why is it being called dangerous? I understand that too. Scientists in South Africa are saying that it has a total of 50 mutations. This variant also makes 30 types of changes in the spike protein of the virus for which the vaccine is designed to target.


The state in which it infects the human body also has ten mutations. At the same time, the delta variant had only two mutations. This means that this variant can easily bypass the protective circle of antibodies. If this happens, then even applying the vaccine will not have any effect. South African scientist Tulio de Oliveira has developed many differences from the initial virus found in Wuhan, China.

Therefore, the vaccine against this variant may also not be effective. Because we made the vaccine keeping in mind the earlier variants, this new uproar was not anticipated. And what are the concerns about this variant? Virologist Ekta Gupta told Spot News 18 on this issue that.

Now a new variant of Corona has arrived in South Africa called B.1.1. It mutates a lot. Before this, the Delta variant had caused a lot of havoc in India. But no other variant has been found in India other than the Delta.


The variant that has arrived in South Africa has not been termed Variant of Concern or Variant of Interest by WHO. Although this variant can also be dangerous, its data is not available to us yet.

So far, 77 confirmed cases of this virus have been found in South Africa, 4 cases in Botswana and one case in Hong Kong. There will be more cases, but the confirmation has happened only in so many patients. So far, only one case has come out of Africa in Hong Kong. And that person also came to Hong Kong from South Africa in that person.

Right now, Africa is the most vulnerable. There 24 per cent of people have been vaccinated. And it has been seen that the infection is spreading even among vaccinated people. Seeing the situation there, the world is closing its doors for the people of Africa. Britain has banned flights coming from South Africa and five countries around it. A similar decision is also being discussed in the European Union.


Now come to India. What is our government preparing for this variant? So far, no case of this strain has been found with us. But an alert has been issued. The Union Health Ministry has written a letter to all the states and union territories saying that brother, keep a close watch. Passengers coming from South Africa, Hong Kong and Botswana should be adequately tested.

The Health Ministry has said that there are many mutations reported in the new variant. The new variants B.1.1.529 can have profound implications. In such a situation, all the passengers travelling to India from these countries or coming to India must be closely tracked and tested.

This also includes travellers from countries placed in the category of countries at risk by the Ministry of Health on November 11.


The Center has also directed the states that as soon as a person is infected with the African variant, his sample should be immediately sent to the Genome Sequencing Lab. Genome sequencing determines which variant of the virus it is.

So overall, the African variant has not reached us yet. But fearful news has started arriving, and its effect is visible in the stock market today. Sensex fell 2.87 per cent today. Nifty also recorded a fall of about 3 per cent.

Market experts estimate a fear of the third wave coming from the new variants B.1.1.529 in the markets worldwide, and the business may be ruined. And its effect is visible in the Indian market as well.


How many forms of coronavirus changes, in which variants it comes, all this is not in our hands. We have defence in our hands. Defend as much as possible. Get the vaccine. In the country, more than 80 per cent of the adults have got the first dose of the vaccine, but the second dose is not going to be administered.

Only 45 per cent of the people have taken both doses so far. People are not going to get another dose after applying one dose. It would help if you got the vaccine. At least they are in your hands. And even now, in public places, follow the rule of masked Corona as much as possible. We had seen a lot of devastation in the second wave, do not want anything like this in future.

Shubham Dubey
Shubham Dubey
Shubham has an excellent knowledge of science and technology. He has one year of experience in writing articles. He also worked for many websites. He loves singing and painting.

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