Black Salt or White Salt: Is Black Salt Better Than White Salt For Health?

Black Salt or White Salt

Black salt is used in many types of cuisine in India. Its unique taste changes the taste of any dish. Apart from this, black salt is also used more because it is considered very beneficial for health. But does this mean that black salt is better than common salt? Black Salt or White Salt is Best.

Black Salt or White Salt

There are many varieties of black salt available in the market, but Himalayan black salt is more commonly eaten. Himalayan salt is actually roaring salt, which comes from the Himalayan salt mine. Black salt was first used in Ayurvedic medicine because of its therapeutic properties. This salt is called black, but its color is light pink and brown.

Although there is no scientific evidence for this, people believe that black salt can protect spirits. Many people sprinkle it around their garden or house or keep it in a jar under their bed. Although there is no harm from this practice, there is no scientific evidence of this.

Difference between black and mango salt

The color of black and white salt is not only different but the taste is also quite different. Traditionally, black salt was made by mixing herbs, seeds, and spices in high temperatures. Today black salt is also made artificially by combining sodium chloride, sodium sulfate, sodium bisulfate, and ferric sulfate. This mixture is then mixed with charcoal and heated to form the final product.

Black lava salt was traditionally made from volcanic lava. Nowadays it is made by mixing sea salt and activated charcoal. The commonly used salt that you use every day is more processed and refined and most trace minerals are removed.

Why is black salt better?

Black salt contains less sodium than common salt. Therefore black salt is better especially for people with high blood pressure. However, before buying it, make sure to check the amount of sodium in it as it comes with many varieties.

There is less addition to black salt than common salt. Because black salt undergoes less processing, the amount of additive in it is less. At the same time, there are many varieties of white salt which contain harmful potassium iodate and aluminum silicate. However, not all types of additives are harmful. For example, iodine found in white salt is very beneficial for health.

Black salt is beneficial not only for digestion but also for problems like gas and bloating. Apart from this, it also considers very good for skin and hair.

White or Black Salt?

The minerals present in black salt not easily absorb. Also, black salt found in the market is not necessarily pure. But because additives are less in black salt, it is better than common salt.

However, using less salt is good for health, whether it is black or white. No one should eat more than a teaspoon of salt in a day.