Child Eating Habits Tips To Keeps Your Kids Healthy and Happy

Child Eating Habits

At a very young age, children become choosy in the matter of food and then feeding them nutritious food is not less than winning a war. While not eating green vegetables has an adverse effect on the health of children, at times this food also becomes a cause of conflict between parents and children. So how to eat healthy food without scolding them, these tricks will come a lot. Child Eating Habits Tips.

Child Eating Habits Tips

When the baby is six to seven months old, mothers feel that the baby’s digestive system is weak and feeds them only milk or milk products. Due to which the taste of the child does not develop and then after growing up he avoids taking green vegetables and other nutritious food.

What to do: Once the child is six months, meet the doctor once and ask about the diet of the child and on the advice of the doctor, you start giving him some solid food. However, when you give one thing, give it there for one week so that the child starts to understand the taste of that thing and then give the other thing after some time. So that he can learn everything.

Do Not Resort To The Screen

Some parents have a habit of turning the TV on while feeding the child or putting the mobile in their hands. This keeps the child’s attention towards the screen and they eat food comfortably. Parents may find this path easy but it communicates wrong habits within the child. In this way, if you do not have a mobile or TV, then the child will not even eat food and even after having TV, he will neither feel full nor hungry.

What to do: Make the children eat without the TV. Initially, you may have difficulty initially but gradually you will be able to do so. For this, do not watch TV while eating the food yourself and all the members have food together. This method of eating makes mutual bonding stronger.

Know The Child’s Mind

Often when giving food, the parents either order the children to eat or get angry at them. But they never explain to the children that what are the benefits of the food they are being asked to eat?

What to do: In order to feed children with love, first understand their attitude. A young child also does something only when he is given a suitable reason to do that task. So instead of telling the child that the food is healthy. You tell the children about its qualities. For example- If you want to feed the child lentils. Then tell him that it contains protein and this will strengthen the muscles. Then he will be able to eat.

Child Eating Habits Tips

The way some parents put their food plates, they also put the child in the same way. But seeing the vegetable bread in the plate, children make many excuses not to eat. By the way, not only children but older ones also taste food with eyes first. So if the food is not attractive to see, then no one likes to eat it.

What to do: Add a little color to the children’s plate. Use a variety of colorful vegetables for them. Also, change the size of the food keeping in mind the choice of the child. You can prepare various meals by bringing various cartoon molds that you can find in the market. When the child has his favorite cartoon in his plate, he will want to run away and eat it. Apart from this, you should also seek their help in the kitchen. This makes the children feel that they have prepared the food. And they are eager to taste the food they have prepared.