Do These Small Things In Daily Life To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

Coronavirus Protection Tips

The coronavirus epidemic is causing havoc in the country and the world. The chain of deaths is not stopping. No concrete treatment of this deadly virus has yet invented, but security is the most important thing at this time. Let us tell you about the small things of daily life, by keeping in mind that you can protect yourself and your family from corona infection.

1. Wash Fruits and Vegetables With Warm Water

Fruits and vegetables should never use without rinsing anyway, but to avoid the risk of coronavirus, it is better to wash them thoroughly in warm water first, then use them.

2. Wash Hands With Soap After Touching Anything

These days you must wash your hands after touching anything. Although experts are suggesting many remedies, soap is a sufficient and useful thing in itself. Even after buying any vegetable etc. from the market, wash hands so that you can be safe.

3. Do Not Let The Coronavirus Chain

Make sure that you do not do anything that will create a chain of coronavirus. So take care of social distancing. Do not leave the houses under any circumstances right now and follow the lockdown at all costs.

4. Wear Gloves While Shopping

If you have any vital thing in the market, then wear gloves with a mask. Even if you go shopping for fruits and vegetables, wear gloves in your hands. When you get home, wash with detergent powder.

5. Do Not Apply Hands-On Nose and Mouth

You should avoid putting your hands directly on the nose and mouth. Keep in mind that at present, the infection of coronavirus is more than just touching the nose and mouth.

6. Eat A Nutritious Diet To Avoid Coronavirus

You should also take special care of your food and drink during a lockdown. Eat nutritious food to remain healthy.

7. Do Not Break The Lockdown Rule

As Coronavirus infection is spreading rapidly, precaution is the only and best solution. In this regard, Dr OP Kalra, Vice-Chancellor of Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma University of Health Sciences, Rohtak in Haryana, says that social distancing is the only way to avoid it. Other precautions are also necessary with this. The lockdown system must follow at all costs.

8. Consult Your Doctor In Coronavirus

If you have any health-related problem, please consult the concerned doctor over the phone. Be careful not to use any medicine at your level.

Lack Of Water In The Body

There should be no shortage of water in the body. Also, do not remain empty stomach. Along with plain water, keep taking liquids, including curd, coconut water every two to three hours. If the body has to protect from disease, then the immune system (immunity) has to be strengthened. For this, you need to make a lot of changes in your daily routine along with food.

Take Care Of Breakfast In The Morning

If you want to strengthen your immunity, then have breakfast in the morning. For breakfast, take boiled eggs, seasonal fresh fruits, oatmeal, nuts, sprouted grains with juice or lassi. When you start your day with a nutritious breakfast, it gives better nutrition to both your body and mind and increases immunity. Coronavirus.

Do This Too Also To Prevent Coronavirus

  1. Do yoga and meditation in exercise.
  2. Keep yourself away from unnecessary stress and sleep deeply.
  3. Take special care of your physical hygiene, along with keeping the environment clean.
  4. Chewing eight to ten leaves of Rojana Tulsi and curry leaves increases immunity.
  5. Roose, sit in the sun for a while so that you face the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

These Diets Will Increase Immunity

  1. Tomato is rich in vitamin K, vitamin C and fibre, it strengthens immunity.
  2. Include citrus fruits like orange, lemon, amla, seasonal in your diet.
  3. Eating two garlic cloves in the morning keeps blood pressure under control and also strengthens immunity.
  4. In the bathroom, the elements that strengthen the body’s resistance found in abundance. Eat sprouted grains as well.

Soak Every eight to ten almonds and consume it in the morning. Drink plenty of water, along with eating vegetables and fruits.