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Essential Medical Tests for Women After Completing 40 Years of Age


Dear Woman, If you are 40 years old or above then this article is especially for you. Even if you are above 35, you must read this and remember the things written in it. After 40, the age starts moving towards the slope. Especially women’s reproductive system and the slope of the hormonal cycle begins after 40. Therefore, gynaecologists recommend that all women must get this test done after 40 years.

This article is based on a conversation with Gynecologist Dr Shivani Chaturvedi. Dr Shivani tells us what critical medical tests every woman must get after 40 are. So far, if you have been careless about your health, then it is time to become alert and start taking your health very seriously.

Five Medical Tests for Women Above 40 Age

Pelvic Test and Pap Smear

This is very easy to do but critical test, which is done to check for cervical cancer. In this, a small part of the cervix (front of the uterus) area is examined to see if there is cancer there. The most memorable thing about this test is that even if there is no cancer and it is likely to happen in the future, this test can catch it. In India, a large number of women die due to cervical cancer.


Pap Smear Test Cost

Due to the changing lifestyle, this test has also become significant because multiple sexual partners increase the chances of cervical cancer. Medical science has also discovered its vaccine, but this vaccine must be taken before it becomes sexually active. After being sexually active for one age, this vaccine does not affect.

Breast Exam or Mammogram

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death for women in India after cervical cancer. But here, it is essential to understand that these deaths are not just due to breast cancer. This is because cancer is detected very late in most cases. By the time this cancer is caught, it is too late, and cancer has reached its last stage.


Mammogram Test Cost

If cancer is detected early, it can be prevented from spreading by removing the breast immediately. The breast is not such an essential part of the body, without which the body’s normal process is disrupted. Therefore, after getting a mammogram test after 40, it should be found out that there are no minor symptoms of breast cancer.

Along with this, self-examination should also be done continuously. There is no need to wait for 40 years for this. From the age of 20, girls and women should keep touching and checking themselves to see any lump in the breast.


Blood Pressure and Sugar

After 40, women should get their blood pressure and sugar checked regularly. After a time, all these natural functions of the body start becoming sluggish. Blood pressure increases, diabetes can occur. Therefore, it is essential to get this test done along with the particular gynec test.

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