Fitness Tips: Need A Slim Body Like Malaika Arora, Do These Exercises

Fitness Tips Slim Body Like Malaika Arora

Fitness Tips: In Today’s Run-Of-The-Mill Life, Every Person Is Troubled By Their Obesity. What People Do Not Do To Get Rid Of It. Most Of All, It Is Very Difficult And Boring To Get Rid Of Extra Fat Around The Stomach. If You Are Planning To Start Your Fitness Journey, You Can Follow Malaika Arora Fitness Diet And Exercise.

Slim Body Like Malaika Arora

Bollywood Actress Malaika Arora Is Known For Her Fitness. She Seems To Be 25 Years Old, Even After Being Over 40 Years Old. The Only Reason For This Is Regular Exercise. Malaika Often Shares Her Fitness Videos And Posts On Social Media. Recently, The Actress Shared A Post Saying That She Does These Three Easy Exercises To Stay Fit. Malaika Also Inspires Fans To Exercise.

The Actress Said That You Can Make Abs By Doing Three Exercises At Home. While Sharing This Video, He Wrote, “Do This Exercise For 14 Days And Tell Me The Results.”

Middle Split Stretch

This Is A Position In Which You Raise Both Your Legs In The Opposite Direction At An Angle Of 180 Degrees. After This, You Need To Put Your Hands Behind The Head And Spread Your Waist On Both Sides To Reach Your Knees With Your Elbows. This Exercise Helps You Strengthen The Hips And Adductor Muscles.

Down Dog Leg Lift Regs

To-Do This, Keep Your Hands Shoulder-Width Apart And Come In A Cat Pose. Now Keep Your Hips Close To The Floor And Raise Your Right Leg Above The Ground Behind You. Then Bring It Closer To Your Face With Your Right Knee. Repeat This Exercise With The Other Leg. This Exercise Strengthens Your Arms And Core.

Alternative Leg Ridges

Start By Lying On The Ground On Your Feet. Now Slowly Raise One Of Your Feet In The Air. Move The Leg As Far As You Feel Comfortable. This Exercise Helps Tone And Strengthen Your Stomach Muscles.