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Sex Benefits: Having Sex Daily Reduces Stress, Boosts Immunity?


Health Benefits of Sex: It is said that sex is the medicine for every pain. Whether it is to protect yourself from cancer, heart attack, stress, or to maintain the skin young, sex fixes everything. According to many studies and research, sex is not only a great exercise, but it can keep you away from many serious diseases.

Sex and sexuality are an essential part of life. In addition to reproduction, sex provides a feeling of intimacy and pleasure. Sexual activity, penile-vaginal intercourse or masturbation, has fantastic benefits in many aspects of your life, such as physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological, social.

Sexual health is not only related to diseases and unplanned pregnancies. According to the American Sexual Health Association, sex can be an essential part of your life.


How is sex beneficial for men?

A recent study found that men who had more frequent vaginal intercourse (PVI) had a significantly lower risk of developing prostate cancer. One study found that men who ejaculated 4.6 to 7 times a week were 36 per cent less likely to develop prostate cancer before 70. Men increase their age by having sex. Sex can also affect men’s mortality.

Sex Benefits for Women (Sex benefits for men)

Women experience orgasm during sex. Having an orgasm increases blood flow and releases natural pain-relieving chemicals in the body. If women enjoy sex regularly, then their body has the following benefits-

  1. Bladder control is improved.
  2. Relieves cramps and pains before and during periods.
  3. Fertility improvement.
  4. Strengthens pelvic muscles.
  5. It stimulates the production of vaginal lubrication.
  6. The pelvic floor is strengthened by having sex. Relieves pain during sex.

Main Benefits of Sex

  1. Reduce blood pressure
  2. Help burn calories
  3. Improve heart health
  4. Give strength to muscles
  5. Having sex lowers the risk of heart disease, stroke, hypertension
  6. Increase libido.

1) Reduce the risk of heart attack

According to a study published in the American Journal of Cardiology, people who have sex twice a week are less at risk of stroke and heart attack. People who have sex only once a month are more likely to get heart disease.


2) Having sex burns calories

Did you know that having sex burns calories? Yes, during sex, men burn about four calories in a minute; the same women burn three calories. In half an hour of sexual activity, you can burn more calories than running on a treadmill. Not only does it reduce weight, but the cholesterol level in the body is also not high, due to which you are protected from heart diseases. Sex has been called an excellent exercise for the heart.

3) Periods pain away

According to a study, you are having sex a day or two before periods can avoid pain and cramps if you want to get relief from pain during periods. Sex orgasm works like a painkiller.

4) Protect against high blood pressure and stress

During sex, hormones called endorphins are released in the body. This hormone is known to improve mood. Blood pressure that rises during stress due to sex can be controlled. Those who do masturbation can also remain stress-free. This keeps the blood pressure under control.


These are the seven reasons why women are unable to enjoy orgasm during sex.

5) Sleeps well

When you reach orgasm during sex, the body secretes the prolactin hormone. This makes the sleep restful and deep. It often happens with men that immediately after sex, they go into the lap of restful sleep. From this, you can understand that sex helps in getting good sleep.

6) Skin glow

Not only does the face look healthy, glowing, and attractive by taking nutritious food, applying a face pack, but having regular sex also brings a glow on the face. When you reach orgasm while having a physical relationship, blood flow in the body increases, giving light to the front. Sex relieves stress and improves mood.


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