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Are You a Victim of These Misconceptions About Breastfeeding?


Misconceptions About Breastfeeding: There is a belief among many women regarding breastfeeding that by feeding, the size of the breast increases, and the figure deteriorates. For this reason, many women shy away from feeding the baby. Even when the baby needs the mother’s milk the most, she often feeds him from the bottle. Due to this, the child does not get the nutrients from the mother’s milk completely, affecting the child’s growth.

Misconceptions About Breastfeeding

At the same time, it also affects the health of women who do not feed because feeding benefits the child and the woman who feeds is also protected from many diseases. On the occasion of World Breastfeeding Week running from 1st August to 7th August, know the truth about all those things which create unnecessary worry in your mind.

The natural process of increasing breast size

According to experts, there is a difference in the size of women’s breasts from the time of pregnancy; it is a part of a natural process. Even if you do not feed, you cannot stop its naturally increasing size. Therefore, altogether remove the notion that spoils the figure due to feeding.


Feeding is beneficial not only for the child but also for the woman.

Mother’s milk is considered the best food for the child because it gets all the nutrients necessary for the child’s growth from the mother’s milk. Therefore, every child should be fed for at least six months to one year. But if you think that only the baby benefits from feeding, then you are thinking wrong. Feeding after becoming a mother is necessary for every woman because if the woman does not feed the child, then her milk can turn into pus which can be very painful for them. Apart from this, feeding also protects the woman from breast and ovarian cancer.

It is not right to feed while lying down.

Many women feed the child by lying down, but the experts consider it wrong. According to experts, there is a risk of milk going into the baby’s respiratory tract many times by feeding while lying down. In such a situation, he may have problems like pneumonia, cyanosis. The life of the child may also be in danger. Therefore, avoid feeding milk while lying down.

Right or wrong to breastfeeding in fever

Often a woman gets a fever; she does not feed the child because there is a doubt in her mind that the child should also get a fever. But this assumption is also wrong. Know the exact cause of the fever and get it treated. Also, feed the baby with it.


How right to do mix feeding

Mix feeding means that in addition to giving mother’s milk, feeding on the bottle also. Experts believe that only a mother’s milk should be given to the child for six months. After this, if the baby’s stomach is not filled with the mother’s milk, mixed feeding can be done.

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