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OPD Full Form and What is OPD? Outpatient Department


You must have heard the name of OPD somewhere. There is an OPD in the hospital. But what is the OPD Full Form? What is OPD? Very few people know about it.

In this post, I am going to tell you that there is OPD in a hospital? And what is the full form of OPD? So if you want complete information about OPD, then definitely read this post thoroughly.

What is the OPD Full Form?

OPD Full Form is, Outpatient Department.


OPD complete form Outpatient Department, which is the outpatient department or outpatient clinic, is also known.

There is an outpatient department in the hospital which is called OPD. There is an outpatient clinic in OPD in which facilities like treatment, care, examination of outpatients are available.

What is OPD?

What is OPD in a hospital? After all, what happens in the OPD of the hospital? For this information, first of all, you have to know about Outpatient.


OPD Full Form Stands for Outpatient is called outpatient.

Outpatient – Such outpatients whose medical treatment can be done without hospitalisation are called outpatients. Simply put, the word outpatient is used for those patients who do not need to be admitted to the hospital for treatment. These types of patients are taken care of; medical treatment, investigations, tests etc., are done in OPD.

After treating outpatient or outpatient patients, there is an outpatient department called the outpatient department in every hospital. This is called OPD in short form.


There is an outpatient clinic in OPD; doctors and nurses are present in this clinic. All the necessary medical treatment services, facilities for conducting diagnostic tests, facilities for any examination of the patient, minor surgery facilities are available in the OPD to treat the outpatient or outpatients.

OPD has separate rooms for X-ray facilities, laboratories, medical records office and pharmacy.

In simple words, in the OPD of the hospital, there is medical treatment, treatment and examination of those outpatient patients who do not need to be admitted to the hospital. 


What is the Outpatient Department (OPD) in the hospital?

Usually, the outpatient department (OPD) is located on the ground floor of the hospital. Outpatients or outpatients coming to the OPD have to go to the reception desk and get registered. After registration, he is sent to the doctor for medical treatment.

Note – Not all hospitals have separate outpatient departments (OPDs).

I hope this post proved helpful to you, and what is OPD by reading this post? What is the full form of OPD? Get complete information about. If you liked this post, then do share it on social media.
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