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Does Poison Also Have An Expiry Date? The Answer is For You


Know here about Poison Expiry Date: You bring milk, bread or food items from the market… you check its expiry date. Even before using the medicine kept at home, you must have checked its expiry date. Sometimes the pharmacy also gives the medicine with an expiry date. After the complaint, drug inspectors take action against him.

Now talk about cosmetics or soap-shampoo… so it also has an expiry date. Using them after the expiry date can cause skin reactions. In the same way, there is a danger of life by using food, drink, medicine, etc., after the expiry date. That is, after the expiry date, these things can be fatal.

Does Poison Also Have An Expiry Date

But have you thought about what will happen when the only thing that is known to be expired? Don’t be surprised! You must be thinking that even the deadly poison that puts someone to death can also expire! A typical thing becomes poisonous after expiration, so will the poison become more poisonous after it expires? Let us know about this in detail.


Like medicines, there are many types of poisons too.

Is it medicine or poison? There is a unique pattern for making them. Medicines are made by mixing many types of elements and chemicals. Similarly, poison is also a combination of many kinds of chemicals. Poisons are made from many other things. Like medicines, there are many types of poisons, which are used for different purposes.

Now think only about the rat killing medicine available in the market. There is also an advertisement of a company: ‘The rats eat it, go out and die’… that is, after eating that rat kill cake, the rats get restless, and they want to come in the open air. In such a situation, they run outside, and their death is not in the house but outside. At the same time, many types of medicines are also made from the venom of snakes, scorpions etc.

Poison also expires

This is to say that poison is also a kind of chemical equation, which is used in different ways. In such a situation, like medicines, it is bound to expire. According to experts, the expiry date of poison depends on what chemicals it is made of. If any chemical from the components of the poison becomes inactive after a specific time, then it affects the poison as well. That is, in such a situation, the poison also expires after a certain period.


Does the poison have an effect when it expires?

You need to know the answer to this question. Generally, things get spoiled or lose their effect after the expiry date. But is it even possible with poison? Meaning, does the impact of the poison end or diminish after the expiry of the poison? Or after the Poison After Expiry Date, the toxin becomes more poisonous than before?

Experts say that it depends on the poison whether, after expiry, it will stop working, will not have the same effect as before or will become more toxic. If the impact of any chemical present in the poison decreases after a specific time, then it may be that the poison becomes a little less toxic and then for the purpose for which it is intended, its dosage may have to be increased.

Back to the mouse example again

That was three months ago. I was being harmed due to rats, so we brought Rat Kill Cake with the same advertisement at home. There were four pieces in it. Mother kept two pieces near the kitchen at night. Those pieces were missing in the morning. Perhaps the rats had eaten, and then there was complete peace for a month and a half. But after a month and a half, once again, two rats may have entered from the neighbour’s side and started doing damage in the kitchen.


We wanted to use the remaining two pieces of that rat kill cake again. But one was windy in him. Secondly, his ‘Best Before Use’ date was over. That is, in a way, that cake had expired. We applied it at night as before; then, out of 3 rats, two rats started troubling it from the next day. Its effect would have diminished. And so probably only 1 out of 3 rats would have died!

But this does not mean that any poison will stop working once it expires. Experts say that some types of poison can be even more toxic. His advice is that it is better not to keep such things in the house.

Ashish Kumar Mishra
Ashish Kumar Mishra
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