Vitamin D Deficiency In Winters: 5 Food Recipes To Increase Vitamin D

Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D Deficiency In Winters: Vitamins and minerals are very important for a healthy body and brain. You get these nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Almost all vitamins and minerals reach your body in sufficient quantity from what you eat. Despite all these nutrients from food, the body does not get enough vitamin D in winter. In this winter season, most of the people lack vitamin D in their body. This is because we get the most vitamin D from the sun and in the winter the sun comes out less.

Vitamin D Deficiency In Winters

According to a recently released report, 70 percent of people in India suffer from vitamin D deficiencies. Among them, women are more than men. Tests are done to detect vitamin D deficiencies. If you too are suffering from vitamin D deficiencies in winter, then we are telling you that with the help of which these deficiencies can be overcome.

Foods To Increase D Vitamins

Tuna mosquito contains a very good amount of vitamin D. For this, you can make and eat tuna sandwiches. This sandwich will easily overcome the deficiency of vitamin D in the body. Onion, cucumber, sprouted lentils, and flour used to make this dough.

Vitamin D also found in chicken, mushrooms, eggs, green mustard, and sesame. You can make the salad by mixing everything. Vitamin D deficiencies can also be accomplished by eating it. For this, you can make a salad by mixing boiled chicken and eggs with mushrooms, green mustard, and sesame seeds.

Many people eat the white and yellow portions of boiled eggs separately. The yellow part of the egg ie healthy fat and carbs are present in the yolk. It can eat with black and green beans to meet the vitamin D deficiency.

Avocado can also prove to be very beneficial for meeting vitamin D deficiency in the body. Healthy fats present in avocado are beneficial for the body. You can eat it every morning in breakfast by spreading it on bread.