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What is Blood Platelets and Why Do They Decrease in Dengue?


What is Blood Platelets: Dengue is once again spreading rapidly in Delhi. Dengue was controlled a lot in Delhi in the last years. But now, there has been an increase in its patients again. Experts are also blaming the health system affected by the Corona crisis for this. Whatever the reason, it is clear that the dengue crisis in the capital has now turned deadly. This week it was reported that the first patient died of dengue this year in Delhi. The victim was a 35-year-old woman.

Every year when the rainy season is about to leave and winter is about to come, the disease spreads quickly. Dengue. This disease caused by mosquito bites peaks every year from August to October. And during this time, the one thing that increases in demand is platelets.

What is Blood Platelets

During dengue season, we often see how people are struggling to get platelets to a dengue patient. Let us try to understand these platelets and why they decrease in the body when there is dengue?

Blood Platelets
What is Blood Platelets

What are Platelets?

Our blood is made up of three main things. One, red blood cells (RBC), whose job is to carry oxygen from one place to another. Second, white blood cells (WBC), whose job is to give the strength to fight infection. And the third is platelets.

Their job is to stop bleeding from injury. These are tiny particles. Their number in the body of a healthy person ranges from one lakh to four and a half lakhs. Describing the process of blood clotting, Dr Bhupendra, Director, Chandan Institute of Hematology, Lucknow, says,

Platelets are tiny particles. Hundreds of chemicals are found inside them. Their main job is to clot the blood. When the veins are damaged, the platelets immediately reach there and stick like glue. Platelets get involved in the process of stopping the flow of blood. It prevents blood from flowing by coagulating a blood clot.


It takes the help of fibrinogen (namely glycoprotein), which converts into fibrin and forms a lattice-like structure. Platelets get stuck in this structure. First, a mesh was made, and then after going to that mesh, the platelets got stuck, and a cover was ready. In this way, the process of coagulation of blood is completed.

Dengue Viral Fever
Dengue virus affects platelets in many ways.

What is the Enmity with Dengue Platelets?

We all know that dengue disease is spread by biting a mosquito named Aedes aegypti (also called aegypti). The effect of this mosquito bite is on the blood vessels, through which blood flows throughout the body. Dr Bhupendra explains,

Dengue virus affects platelets in many ways. One, it directly starts eliminating platelets throughout the body. Second, it attacks the bone marrow. RBC, WBC and platelets, three are made in our bone marrow. Due to which platelets also start decreasing. Apart from this, it also damages the endothelium cells found in our blood vessels at different places.


The Doctor Further Said

When the endothelium is damaged, platelets are involved in repairing them, due to which the use of platelets increases. Now the problem is that the formation of platelets has its own pace. Due to the effect of bone marrow also, the speed of its formation has slowed down. Here the usage is getting faster.

There comes a time when there is such a shortage of platelets that they are no longer left to fill the damaged endothelial cells. Then what happens is that blood starts coming out from place to place. In a way, understand that there is blood in the pipe. Then there is pressure. If a hole is made in the pipe, then the pressure starts decreasing.

Symptoms of Platelet deficiency

Such symptoms come when there is a deficiency of platelets-


#Red or blue rash on the body. This is called purpura.

# The appearance of small red-coloured grains on the body.

# bleeding nose


# bleeding gums

#Bleeding from wounds for a long time. Non-stop bleeding.

# Women have heavy bleeding during periods.

Platelets Cannot be Protected Like Blood
Platelets cannot be protected like blood. They get destroyed in 7-8 days.

Platelet has a lifespan of about 7-8 days. After that, it gets destroyed. The process of their destruction and creation goes on continuously. But when the number of destroyed platelets exceeds the number of platelets formed, there is a shortage of platelets. The disease caused by this deficiency is called thrombocytopenia.

Describing the problems caused by the lack of platelets, Dr Bhupendra says,

Brain haemorrhage occurs due to a lack of platelets in the body. It means to say that the pipe always bursts and keeps sticking to it like platelet glue. But when it is not there in the body, there can be heavy bleeding.

And it can happen from anywhere, whether it is in the form of a brain haemorrhage or whether in the form of heavy bleeding periods. Blood comes from the nose too fast and does not stop. Apart from this, if there is an injury somewhere, then the blood keeps on flowing. Doesn’t clot at all.


Ways to Increase Platelets

It is advisable to eat papaya when there is a shortage of platelets in the body. Papaya leaf juice is also given to a patient suffering from dengue to drink. Apart from this, it is also advised to consume things containing vitamin B12, vitamin C and vitamin K to overcome the deficiency of platelets. But the most important thing is that first of all the doctor’s advice should be taken. Then do what he tells you to do.

Akash Kumar Mishra
Akash Kumar Mishra
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