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Why Do Children Eat Soil? Does Eating Soil Cure any Disease?


Why Do Children Eat Soil: Often you must have seen children eat soil. Many parents are also distraught with this habit of their children. This habit is there in most children; maybe you also do this in your childhood. Parents also keep making a lot of efforts to get rid of this habit of their children. But, have you ever wondered why children do this and for what reason they have a desire to eat soil.

Along with this, there are many misconceptions about eating clay that eating clay does not harm children’s health, and it also has many benefits. In such a situation, today we know that children eat soil and whether soil benefits their health or is this wrong information shared through online medium.

Why Do Children Eat Soil?

There can be many reasons for children to eat clay. It has been claimed in many reports that children have a habit of putting any non-food item in their mouth, and they do so to know about it. They do this because of a disorder called PICA disorder. Children suffering from this disorder try to put anything in their mouth, which is seen in children of 1 to 7 years. Because of this, children eat clay.


In this context, child specialist Dr Shikha Garg says that iron deficiency often leads to eating soil in children. Let us tell you that this disorder is more in those children, whose body is deficient in calcium, iron or zinc. Due to the lack of such nutritional elements in the body, children start eating non-food items. Apart from this, it has been said in many reports that children are ready to know the taste and aroma of anything and they like to do so. For this, they eat soil for taste or smell. However, as the children grow up, they lose their habit.

Does it have any advantages?

There are many articles on the Internet, which show that there are many benefits of eating clay. However, it is not so. Dr Shikha Garg has said that there are no benefits of playing in the mud, whereas playing in the dirt can still benefit children. According to Dr Garg, children’s immune system is also strengthened by playing in the soil. At the same time, senior doctor Dhananjay Mangal also says that there are no benefits of eating dirt.

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