Australia Overtakes India To Become Number 1 In Cricket Test Team

Australia Cricket Team Ranking

Due to coronavirus, international cricket is not happening anywhere at the moment. Players of all teams, including the Indian team, are in their homes and are waiting for the situation to improve. Despite this, the Indian team has suffered some losses. In the latest Test rankings released by the International Cricket Council (ICC), the Indian cricket team has lost its first place. Australia has secured the first position.

In the last few years, the Indian team performed brilliantly in Test cricket. During this time, Australia defeated Australia in the Test series for the first time on their land, while the team also won the Test series against South Africa.

India Removed From The Top Post-2016

The ICC released the new rankings on Friday 1 May as part of the annual update, in which the Indian team has slipped from first place to third place with 114 points. Australia has 116 points, while New Zealand retained 115 points.

According to a press release issued by the ICC, the results up to 2016 have removed in the latest update, and now the ranking has been prepared based on the results after that. Earlier results dropped. Its only loss was for the Indian team. Team India recently suffered a 2–0 defeat in the Test series against New Zealand.

On the other hand, the South African team, which has performed extremely poorly in recent months, has been out of the top 5. The African team is ranked sixth in the latest rankings.

However, the Indian team currently tops the ICC Test Championship. India has played four series, of which the only one set against New Zealand has lost, and so far, it has gained 360 points.

England On Top in ODIs

At the same time, there has been no significant change in the update in the ODI rankings. England’s team, which became world champions for the first time, retained the first place, while the Indian team also kept the second place. However, England (127) has strengthened its lead over India (119).

In third place is New Zealand (116), South Africa (108) on fourth, and Australia (107) on fifth.

Australia Also Tops in T20, India Benefits

On the other hand, in the T20 International rankings, the Australian team has topped. Australia has pushed the first-placed Pakistani squad to fourth place.

These are the first time Australia has topped the T20 rankings. At the same time, the Pakistani team has lost the first place in the ranking after 27 months. The Pakistani team lost 10 points.

The Indian team got the benefit of 2 points, and the team has climbed one place to reach third place. England’s team is in second place.