IIFA Award Ceremony Cancelled Due To Coronavirus In Madhya Pradesh

IIFA Award Ceremony 2020

At this time, the dreaded coronavirus remains in the whole world. Everyone is talking about its escape and its rescue. The coronavirus has also had an impact on the film industry. Due to this, many film projects have canceled. Now there is another big news coming out. Explain that the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Award ceremony, to hold for the first time in Bhopal on March 21 and in Indore on March 27-29, has postponed. The next date for the IIFA Award Ceremony will announce soon.

IIFA Award Ceremony

IIFA Award Ceremony Cancelled

The IIFA Award Ceremony has a broad audience. In such a situation, this decision has taken keeping in mind their health and safety. Keeping these in mind, the Madhya Pradesh government has postponed it. Currently, it stopped by the end of March 2020. IIFA’s next date in Madhya Pradesh will reveal soon. Let people come from all over the world to see IIFA. In such a situation, traveling to fans is not right. These have taken into consideration.

Significantly, preparations were going on loudly for the IIFA Award Ceremony in Indore and Bhopal of Madhya Pradesh. At the same time, stars are also working hard to perform at IIFA. Recently the films to nominated at IIFA have announced. Preparations -made to recognize the art and culture of Madhya Pradesh internationally.

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