India Open Badminton Tournament To Be Played Without Audience

India Open Badminton 2020

The Badminton Association of India (BAI) said that the India Open Badminton Super 500 tournament to be held in Delhi would play in the absence of spectators due to the risk of infection with the Coronavirus. This tournament is also under threat due to Corona. These are a prestigious tournament for the qualification of this year’s Tokyo Olympics.

India Open Badminton

Bai and the World Badminton Federation (BWF) issued a joint statement on Wednesday clarifying that the tournament would be a pre-scheduled event from March 24 to 29 at the KD Jadhav Stadium in the capital. Precautionary steps will take to organize the tournament. Bai general secretary Ajay K. Singhania said, ‘India Open Badminton will be in KD Jadhav Hall, but to ensure the safety of all. We decided not to allow any visitors to come this time.

In the early days, fans can watch the match on YouTube. The draw of India Open Badminton includes many players from Asian countries. Including Chinese players like Bingjao, Xi Yu Ki and Lin Dan. He has approved to play in the upcoming BWF World Tour tournament in Europe. BWF reiterated that it would continue to take all official updates regarding Corona.

Chinese athletes Training

Beijing Chinese athletes who qualified for the Tokyo Olympics are training behind closed doors as well as checking their temperature three times a day. Apart from this, they are also not sharing the dining table under strict measures against the Coronavirus. Due to which they are eating food alone. In women’s shot put, two-time world champion Gong Lijiao said that being away from friends. And the family has benefited her preparations and she has become more focused. His team wants to win the medal by playing bravely in the Olympics. We will inspire Chinese people with sports spirit.

Manchester City and Arsenal Match

London. The English Premier League (EPL) match between Manchester City and Arsenal on Wednesday postponed due to Coronavirus. For the first time, an EPL match has delayed due to Corona.

Juventus-Lyon Match in Champions League

Lyon. Due to the Coronavirus, Juventus and Lyon will take on the final-16 second leg of the UEFA Champions League next week without an audience. Jean-Michel Else, president of the French club, gave this information. He said that we had received a letter from Uefa that this match will hold in the absence of the audience. India Open Badminton.

The game between the two teams will take place on March 18, and Lyon won the first leg match 1–0. At the same time, the final of the French League Cup between PSG and Lyon on April 4 had to postponed. Both teams had expressed their disagreement about playing the match without an audience after which it decides to postpone the game.

India Open Badminton 2020

Melbourne Australian Grand Prix officials said Wednesday that three associate members of the Formula One team have been separated while trials have conducted on the Coronavirus. The two associate members showed some signs of Corona. And so they isolated themselves from here, but the full report of their test is yet to come. Chinese virus had to cancel due to this virus. While Australian Grand Prix would be on 12 to 15 only. All Formula One teams are currently in Australia.

Sai South Center Banned Outsiders

The South Center of the Sports Authority of India (SAI) has prohibited the entry and play of outsiders as a precaution given the Coronavirus. Apart from this, players have also asked to go out and not eat outside food. A source from Sai said that the training of our players is going on, so we have to make a decision.