India Ranks No 1 In Pollution Death, 23 Lakh People Died in 2017

Air Pollution in India

According To A Report Published In Britain Prestigious Health Magazine Lancet, India’s The Top In Pollution Cases. In India, 23 Lakh People Died in 2017.

Pollution is becoming a main challenge for the country. According to a recent global report, India has topped the matter of pollution. Based on the current data, it has said that only in 2017. 23.26 lakh people died due to pollution in India. Even more embarrassing is that India’s been found in the worst condition at various levels of pollution.

India Ranking In Pollution

Number one ranking is in the list of those who died from pollution, according to the report published in Britain’s prestigious health magazine Lancet, India’s the top in pollution cases. Not only this, 23.26 lakh people died due to poisonous winds in India’s in 2017 alone. In this research conducted by the Global Alliance on Health Population, it has also been revealed that after India. China and America are also among the top 10 of the polluting countries.

Pollution is the cause of 174 deaths in every one lakh people: Pollution in
India is that poisonous winds are the cause of 174 deaths. Out of every one lakh people in the country’s population. Research has shown that pollution is becoming toxic not only outside but also inside the house. Due to such pollution, the possibility of health-related diseases has increased all over the world.