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Chili Price Hike After Lemon Now Green Chili Become Spicier


This year the price of lemon is at its record high. Its rate is running between Rs 200 to 300 per kg in different mandis of the country. In such a situation, how could green chili stay behind? Green chili is also chasing the rate of lemon. In the last five months, the price of green chili has increased by two to three times in many mandis of Maharashtra. In December 2021, the wholesale price of green chili from Rs 20 to 40 per kg went up to Rs 60 to 80 per kg. The wholesale price has even reached Rs 100 per kg in some cities.

Chili has become more pungent in terms of prices for the consumers suffering from inflation. Maharashtra is one of the major producers of green chili. Chili is a spice crop, and Indian cuisine is incomplete without it. Amidst the inflation of chili, it should also be known that chili farming is so beneficial for the farmers that its sown area is increasing every year.

How much is the production of chili in India

According to the Spices Board, in 2001-2002, its production was 1069000 tonnes of chili, which has now increased to 2092000 tonnes. India is the largest producer of chili in the world and an exporter. Last year, India exported chili worth Rs 8400 crore. Why is the price of chili sky high this year despite the continuous increase in production? There is a big reason for this.


Thrips attack is a big reason.

Telangana, adjacent to Maharashtra, is the country’s second-largest chilli-producing state. This year, due to the attack of thrips, about 9 lakh acres of chili cultivation have been destroyed. Thrips attack has also been in some districts of Maharashtra. Unseasonal rains have also seen a decline in the productivity of its crop. This is the main reason for the price increase.

Apart from this, the rising cost of fuel is also responsible for the increase in the price of chili. At present, the traders are eating the fruits of the hard work of the farmers. They are buying chili at a wholesale price of Rs 60 to 80 per kg and selling them to the consumers in the market at a rate of up to Rs 120.

How much is the price in which market

If we analyse the prices in the mandis of Maharashtra, the price has increased in the last four to five months. On December 1, 2021, the maximum price of green chili was Rs 1900 per quintal in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, while the top rate was Rs 2700 in the Mangalwedha market in Solapur and Rs 2000 in Pune.


It increased to Rs 6000 in Kolhapur on 23 April. Whereas in the Mangalwedha market of Solapur, its maximum rate was 6500, Pune 6000 and Kolhapur 8000 rupees per quintal. The arrival of green chili is less in the mandis, due to which the price is seeing a rise.

Where was the highest price? According to the Maharashtra State Agriculture Marketing Board, on 23 April, the minimum cost of green chili was Rs 5000 and the maximum Rs 7000 per quintal in Y Market located in Satara district. Ratnagiri had a minimum price of Rs 6000 and a maximum of Rs 7000 per quintal. In Peth Vadgaon, Kolhapur, the top rate of chilli reached Rs 8000 per quintal. Similarly, on April 20, the highest price of chili was seen in the Dhule market. Here the model price was Rs 15000 per quintal.

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