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Horse Dancing In Wedding Video Goes Viral On Social Media


Nowadays the season of weddings is going on and this season brings happiness to everyone. It gives the bride and groom equal joy as their family members and relatives. Dancing and singing, fun goes on everywhere. You must have seen that not only the family members and relatives but also the bride and groom dance fiercely in their marriage and make that moment memorable forever.

You will get to see many such videos on social media. But have you ever seen horses dancing and that too at weddings? No, but a similar video is going viral on social media nowadays, in which a horse is seen dancing fiercely in the atmosphere of marriage. This video has surprised people.

In the video, you can see an atmosphere of marriage, a pandal is decorated behind, and many people have gathered. During this, a horse is dancing fiercely at the sound of the bajay, and people are also surprised to see his dance. This is a shocking video because how the horse must have been taught to dance is a matter to think about. You must have seen humans dancing to the tunes of the DJ in different ways, but you have rarely seen an animal dancing before.


Horse Dancing In Wedding Video

This funny dance video of the horse has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with the name honey._.event_official, which has received 3 lakh 48 thousand views so far, while more than 25 thousand people have also liked the video. Is.

In fact, in addition to vehicles, horses are used the most at weddings. Sometimes the groom sits on a mare and takes a procession to the girl’s door, and sometimes the horses are taken to dance, but the kind of dance performed by the horse in the viral video is fantastic. Although it is said that in training done to make horses dance, they are tortured a lot. In such a situation, organizations working in the interests of animals and birds are also keeping an eye on them.

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