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Eat A Samosa In Half An Hour And Take It Home Rs 51000


Meerut Bahubali Samosa Challenge: You must have seen many types of challenges on social media. These days a unique challenge is being given to the people in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Under this challenge, only one samosa is to be eaten within half an hour, and after that, a reward of Rs 51,000 has to be taken home. A samosa seller has given this challenge from Meerut. You will be surprised to know that till now, no one has been able to complete this challenge. You must be thinking about why no one can meet this challenge.

This samosa is not common. Instead, it is an 8 kg samosa. People have to finish this 8 kg samosa in half an hour. Only after this, he can win a reward of 51 thousand rupees. You will be surprised to know that 70 to 80 people together finished this samosa in the past. People are getting this challenge in a shop named Kaushal Sweets in Lal Kurti Bazaar, Meerut. Shopkeeper Shubham has made this samosa to do something unique.

Meerut Bahubali Samosa Challenge

Due to its unique samosas, this shop is now making headlines in the area. Shopkeeper Shubham has named it ‘Bahubali’ Samosa. Shubham says he wanted to do something different. In this sequence, he made samosas of 8 kg. This samosa is entirely different from the regular samosa. Making it is also a very different kind of work. Shubham said that earlier, he had made samosas of 4 kg. Then a reward of 11 thousand rupees was kept for eating 4 kilograms of samosa. Now a prize of 51 thousand rupees has been honoured for eating 8 kg of samosas. This is a new challenge.


Shopkeeper Shubham says that the video of his eight-kilogram samosas has gone viral on social media. They take one to a half hours to make this Bahubali Samosa. It costs 1100 rupees to make it, not 100-200. Inside Bahubali samosas are aloo masala dry fruits, peas, and paneer. Shubham said that he would soon prepare a 10 kg samosa.

Abhay Singh
Abhay Singh
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