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10th Class Maths Board Exam: Preparation Tips For Students


The Central Board of Secondary Education conducts board exams for students in the tenth and twelfth grades every year. Board exams are a new assessment experience for senior secondary tenth class students. Among the different academic subjects, the one that students find challenging to prepare for boards is mathematics.

Maths fear, difficulty in understanding the applicative portions, poor calculations, facts, figures, and many formulas to understand and learn can be a few reasons behind this. Let us discuss some practical tips that tenth-standard students can follow to study mathematics for boards.

Tips for students to prepare for maths class 10th board

Create an effective timetable

The foremost important tip for students is to make a practical study timetable. See how much time you have after returning from school and divide it effectively for maths studies and practice. First, include the time to revise the topics done in the classroom, and keep your classroom learning and self-studies going hand in hand. Secondly, time for practising maths questions, word problems, and revision of the basics should also be included. After making a timetable, ensure to stick to it with consistency.


Be thorough with the NCERT maths textbook.

For adequate maths studies in the tenth class, don’t keep juggling from one guide to another. Because this can make you confused, stressed, and pressured. Remember to stick to the class 10th maths NCERT only. Read the explanations given in the book, solve the examples first, and later the main exercises. Ensure to do the same and be thorough with all the lessons.

Use technology

Sometimes understanding the maths concepts becomes difficult from the textbooks. To overcome this problem, using technology helps. Using online teaching apps and sites allows students to access several audiovisual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, tricky maths puzzles with answers,  PowerPoint presentations, visual notes, graphs, etc. With the help of visualisation, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker.

Take coaching for a better understanding.

For many students, understanding maths concepts alone becomes difficult. Taking home tuition or joining a maths coach is advisable to overcome this problem. After school hours, you can choose a convenient time to visit the coaching centre to study mathematics. You can go for a private or home tutor for a better, personalised learning experience or to get undivided attention from the teacher.


Practice sample papers

For tenth class students, board exams are different from the assessment mode they have been given so far. The board exams are different from the school formative and summative exams. Getting adequate maths board exam preparation using technology helps.

Using a mobile teacher app or official CBSE sites, students can easily access sample papers and previous year maths question papers. By practising these papers, students can get an idea of how much they know, their current understanding and what more needs to be done for improvement.

Memorise formulas on fingertips

To prepare effectively for maths board exams, memorise the formulas at your fingertips. Students often cannot solve the maths questions in the exams correctly because they are not aware of which formula to apply. Solving the question with the wrong formula leads to inaccurate answers.


To avoid this happening to you, make sure to learn formulas, critical units, derivations, and theorems properly. Yes, so many lessons lead to many formulas to be learned. To make it easy and systematic, make formula charts and notes. Stick it on your study table to have a quick revision of them every day.

Don’t practice anything new a day before the exam.

As we say, practice makes a man perfect. The same goes for mathematics study too. Students practice questions and problem sums from the main coursebook, sample papers, and reference guides. But this practice should be completed two or three days before the primary exam date.

Don’t pick anything new for practice a day before the exam. If you do so, when you find any question new or challenging to solve, students feel confused, stressed, and panicked. This must be avoided. Trust your preparation so far, and don’t practice a new set of questions a day before.



Scoring well in board exams is essential for students for secondary education success. Maths is considered to be a complicated subject to study for many students. However, by following the tips mentioned above, students can effectively prepare the application-based maths lessons for class 10th. This will help students enhance their mathematical skills and score well on board exams.

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