IPL 2020 Canceled Due To Coronavirus, No Auction Next Year

Coronavirus On IPL 2020

IPL 2020 set to cancelled: Cancellation of IPL 2020 due to coronavirus epidemic seems inevitable. Due to this epidemic, most of the sports activities up to May have cancelled. The IPL 2020 has postponed till April 15, and the BCCI is now awaiting the announcement of the Central Government and the Sports Ministry in the matter of visas. It will then announce the cancellation of the 13th edition of the IPL.

IPL 2020 Canceled

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day lockdown due to the coronavirus epidemic. The central government had banned the visa until April 15. BCCI will take an official decision in this regard after the action taken by the government after the lockdown period ends.

According to media reports, the IPL mega auction to held next year will also postpone. Instead, the situation this year will continue for the following year. The scheduled mega sale was to be held in 2021 next year according to the predetermined schedule and at that time teams would have been allowed to retain some players while all other players would have included in the auction but it would postpone for a year.

According to sources, the IPL will not hold this year as social distancing cannot implement in the stadium. Due to this, now it will be organized only next year. The franchisees will inform you about this after the decision of the central government. This year’s session will do next year. Only the teams selected for IPL 2020 will play in the year 2021. However, if organizations want to make some minor changes, then they will allow doing this.

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