Kapil Dev Rejects Shoaib Akhtar’s Indo-Pak Series Suggestion

Kapil Dev Rejects Indo Pak Series

The great cricketer Kapil Dev on Thursday rejected the suggestion of a three-match ODI series between India and Pakistan in the wake of Shoaib Akhtar raising funds for the COVID-19 pandemic, saying that India does not need the money and for the cricket match There is no need to risk life.

Akhtar, while talking to PTI on Wednesday, had proposed a series in the closed stadium, and Kapil said it was not possible. Kapil told PTI, “He has his own opinion, but we don’t need to raise funds.” We have enough. One thing is essential for us at the moment how our administration deals with this crisis together. I see a lot of accusations of politicians on TV and this should also stop”.

Kapil Dev Rejects Indo-Pak Series Suggestion

He said, “Anyway, the BCCI has donated a huge amount (51 crore rupees) for this epidemic. And if it is needed, it can donate even more than that. It does not need to raise money in this way.” ‘

The former captain of the World Cup-winning team said, “The situation is unlikely to be normalized so soon. And organizing a cricket match means putting our cricketers at risk which we do not need”. Cricket does not matter for at least the next six months. He said, “It is not worth taking the risk.” And how much amount can you raise from these three matches? I think you can’t even think of cricket for the next five to six months. ”

He said that at this time, the focus should be only on saving lives and taking care of the poor who are finding it very difficult to lockdown. Kapil Dev said, “When things become routine, cricket will start. The game cannot be more significant than the country. The poor need care at this time, with those who engaged in this fight with them like hospital staff, police, and others. ”