Kiara Advani Fitness and Diet Secret With Her Favorite Exercise

Kiara Advani

One of the most successful Bollywood films of the year 2019. Kabir Singh’s actress Kiara Advani is busy these days with Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor in the promotions of their upcoming film Good News. Along with being an excellent actress, there are also Kiara Fitness Freaks. What does Kiara do to keep herself fit, healthy and maintain her best figure, know her fitness and diet secret here?

Like Bollywood actresses, Malaika Arora, Jahnavi Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan. Kiara is often seen sweating in the gym and doing gym exercises along with workouts. Kiara Advani also often shares her workout videos on her Instagram account.

Talking about workouts in the gym, they like to do pullups more. Although it is simple to exercise but helps to increase the resistance power of the body. Apart from this, Kiara Advani also focuses on cardio, squats, push-ups and functional training. Kiara has often said in her interviews that she takes her health, exercise, diet. And skincare very seriously and that the best way for Kiara to keep herself healthy is through workouts.

Talking about diet, Kiara Advani starts her day by adding lemon in a glass of warm water. Which makes her body metabolism better and keeps the body fit and healthy.

Talking about food, Kiara Advani likes to eat oats, fresh fruits such as strawberries, orange, and apples in breakfast. At lunch, they like to eat homemade simple bread with less oil and less salt and eat vegetables and sprouts. Even at night dinner, they like to eat light like lunch. Kiara also likes to eat fish.