Largest Number Of Coronavirus Death In These 4 Countries Than China

Coronavirus Death Toll

Coronavirus Death: Corona is not taking the name of the havoc. Two hundred countries of the world are in the grip of Corona. According to Johns Hopkins University, a total of 8,57,957 people worldwide are infected with the Corona, while 42,151 people have died. In the last 24 hours in America, 865 people lost their lives due to Corona. Corona started from China but now there are four countries where more deaths have also taken place than China.

837 Coronavirus Death in Italy in A Day

The highest infection of Coronavirus is being seen in Italy. According to the World Meter, 837 people have died in Italy in the last 24 hours and the death toll in Italy from Coronavirus has reached 12,428. The highest death due to Coronavirus in the world is in Italy. With this, 4,053 new confirmed cases have come out and the number of people affected by Coronavirus has increased to 1,05,792.

8,464 People Killed in Spain So Far

The European country Spain has become the new center of Corona. In the last 24 hours in Spain, 748 people died from Corona and the total death toll reached 8,464. There have been 7,967 new confirmed cases in Spain and a total of 95,923 people have been infected so far.

381 People Died In A Single Day in Britain

The death toll in Europe is continuously increasing. In Britain, 381 people died due to Corona on Wednesday. While there were 3009 new confirmed cases. Thus far, 25,150 people in Britain have infected with Corona. While a total of 1,789 people have died so far. Now Italy, America, Spain, and France are countries where Corona than China has caused more deaths.

Countries With More Number Of Coronavirus Death

  1. Italy – 12,428
  2. Spain – 8,464
  3. America – 3,883
  4. France – 3,523
  5. China – 3,305
  6. Iran – 2,898
  7. Netherlands – 1,789
  8. Germany – 1,039
  9. Belgium – 705
  10. Switzerland – 433
  11. Turkey – 214
  12. Brazil – 201
  13. Sweden – 180
  14. South Korea – 162
  15. Portugal – 160
  16. Indonesia – 136
  17. Austria – 128

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