The Laws Of North Korea That Make People Across The World Shocked

North Korea Leader Kim Jong

North Korea remains the subject of discussion due to the conflict with the US, including nuclear tests worldwide. There is a bizarre law in this country. It is tough to understand what to think about. People around the world also criticize these peculiar laws of North Korea. But the North Korean government does not watch these criticisms. They make laws according to themselves, which the public has to follow.

King II Sung is said to be the founder of North Korea. It noted that Korea counts its new year on the birthday of King II Sung.

Prohibited to Wear Blue Jeans in North Korea

One of the peculiar laws of Korea is that people there prohibited from wearing blue jeans. Although tourists can wear blue jeans. But no one is allowed to wear blue jeans in the memorial halls of King II Sung and Kim Jong II.

There is also a law that the picture of the poor in North Korea cannot take. It is a legal crime to take photos of poor people. It said that this could spoil the image of the country.

People Cannot Cut Hair As Per Their Choice

No person in the country can get his hair cut as per his choice. The government has released some designs to lower the bar, and apart from those designs, no one is allowed to get the hair cut as per their choice.

There is also a law that no ordinary citizen can buy a car in North Korea. Army and government officials are allowed to buy cars only.

You will be surprised to know that Kijong is a model city of Dang in the country. It said that this city has built on the right border. The reason for this is that South Korea can woo. Although no one lives in this city, it is also called a haunted town.