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Anil Kapoor Secret Behind Fitness: Anil Kapoor Young Looks Secrets

Anil Kapoor Secret Behind Fitness: Today, on December 24, Bollywood’s Evergreen actor Anil Kapoor is celebrating his 63rd birthday. On the occasion of his birthday, we are telling you the deep secret behind his fitness and Evergreen Young Looks. There is no doubt that these 63-year-old actors still look at least 15 years younger than their age. Anil Kapoor does not appear to be a brother but a father to his three young children, actress Sonam Kapoor, Riya Kapoor, and Harshvardhan Kapoor.

Anil Kapoor Secret Behind Fitness

His age has always been a topic of discussion. You will also believe that it seems as if Anil Kapoor’s age increases gradually. In an interview this year, Anil Kapoor gave full credit for his fitness to healthy food. That too especially South Indian food. Anil said that idli, sambar, and dosa are the secrets of his health. But now you will wonder what is there in dosa or idli that has such a profound effect on your body. So today we are telling you why this is:

Fermented Food Is The Most Healthy

The Anil Kapoor Secret of South Indian food is fermentation. Most South Indian food is fermented so it good for health. There are many benefits to eating fermented. As it is easy to digest, your body does not have to work very hard to digest it. Along with this, there is more nutrition in fermented food and due to this, good bacteria also released in your body. As the nutritional elements increase in food, your body also gets a good amount of nutrition. Fermented food also promotes the stomach health of your body. Most of the diseases are caused by poor stomach health and fermented food fights against these diseases.

At the same time, North Indian food not fermented, so it falls on your body differently. In South Indian food, not only the fermentation important, but their food made in coconut oil, so it is also healthy. We all know the benefits of coconut oil. A healthy stomach, skin, and hair are all interconnected. South Indian food not only keeps your body healthy from inside, but its effect is also visible from outside.

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