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Why Do I Feel Sleepy After Eating Carbohydrates?


Carbohydrates Rich Food: After 100 years of the readymade food industry promoting carb-rich food, doctors and dieticians are now warning of high carbs. A group of dieticians says that the proportion of protein and fat in their diet should be more than carbs for people who do not do much physical exertion.

Experts advised that if you are eating carbs, then it is better to reduce the intake of fat too. Excess fat is not harmful only when we stay away from carbs and the body is producing ketones, i.e. in the process of ketosis.

Carbohydrate Rich Food Makes Us Sleepy

Have you ever noticed that you get more sleep after eating carb-rich food in the afternoon or even at night? If you consume only protein, fat and fibre, then you will not get that much sleep. On the other hand, if you eat rice, roti, bread or sweets, you get a lot of sleep.


People are not familiar with the scientific reason behind it. Therefore, instead of not distinguishing between carb and protein, you must have heard in colloquial language that eating rice makes you sleepy. Sleep is not coming from eating rice. Sleep comes because of carbs.

One of the symptoms of carbohydrates is that they act to absorb water. Perhaps you have noticed that you feel more thirsty after eating bread or rice because the carb is absorbing the water. In this process, there is water retention in the body, i.e. the carb swells after absorbing water, and there is inflammation within the body. That’s why many times we feel bloated in the stomach after taking a more carb-rich diet. The stomach is not complete, the feeling of hunger remains, but the stomach swells from above. This happens because there is water retention in the body, due to which sleep comes.

Therefore, when we remove carbs from our diet and eat only protein and fat-rich food, firstly, the inflammation inside the body is reduced. Water retention is reduced, and swelling of the body ends.


In such a situation, there will not be any significant reduction in your weight on the weighing machine, but the clothes will become loose, and the body will look thin from outside. Due to water retention, you get more sleep after eating carbs. Therefore, if you want to avoid sleepiness and fatigue, then reduce carb intake.

Akash Kumar Mishra
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