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Chai Patti Benefits: You Can Use Tea Leaves In These 5 Ways


Chai Patti Benefits: In our country, almost everyone’s day starts with a cup of tea. Tea (Health Benefits of Chai Patti) is consumed from removing fatigue to headache. Tea is also used for health and beauty. Tea is used to use some other unique things, which you hardly know. Yes, apart from beauty and health, tea leaves are helpful in everything from cleaning furniture to cooking mutton. So let’s know in what things we can use tea leaves today-

Know the exceptional Chai Patti Benefits

Cleaning Wood Furniture

Hardly you know that tea leaves are also used for polishing furniture made of wood. Let us tell you that due to the medicinal properties and colour of tea, it is also used to clean furniture. To clean the furniture, you will boil the tea leaves thoroughly; when this water cools down, then soak a cloth in it and clean the furniture.

This will make the furniture shine. Often the dust settles on the polish of the furniture, to clean it also by rubbing the water of tea leaves, it becomes spotless.


Cleaning the Glass

Often there is a problem of cleaning the glass in homes; in such a situation, you can clean the glass comfortably with tea leaves. To clean the glass, boil the tea leaves thoroughly in water, then when it cools down, clean the glass by dipping the cloth in water. It can also clean glass things with this.

To Remove Odor

Tea leaves are very effective to remove any odour. In some homes, fish is cooked, after which the kitchen and hands start to smell, so wash your hands with tea leaf water; this will make the smell disappear completely. Apart from this, the smell starts coming from the closed drawer, so keep herbal tea bags near those books; it removes the stench.

To Cook Mutton

Those who consume non-beige like to eat mutton, but it takes time to cook and not get soft quickly. Put four teaspoons of tea leaves in boiling water in such a situation. When the mutton is marinated, add tea leaf water to it. This will make the mutton soft.


Used As Fertilizer

Tea leaves are considered as medicine for plants. Especially the leaf is put in the form of fertilizer in the rose plant. After making home tea, wash the leaves with clean water, dry them, and put them in the pots of plants; it acts as a fertilizer for the plants.

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