Coronavirus 12 Main Signs and Symptoms Shared By WHO

Coronavirus Symptoms WHO

Coronavirus Symptoms: The Corona Virus COVID-19 has found to have infected more than 41 million people worldwide, and more than 14 thousand people have lost their lives due to the epidemic. The WHO has issued a new advisory to deal with this epidemic. Under this, the youth have also advised taking necessary precautions. There is a lock-down in the country and the world, especially in India, many steep steps taken on the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Symptoms

  1. Painful Sinus
  2. Tingling and Pain In The Ear
  3. Severe Headache
  4. Eye Irritation
  5. Sore Throat
  6. Severe Body Pain
  7. Lungs Like Paper Bags
  8. Fatigue and Loss Of Appetite
  9. Fever
  10. Chest Tightness
  11. Fatigue from Flight Travel
  12. Fainting

Currently, there is no COVID-19 vaccine, and that is why scientists around the world are working day and night to find a cure. Its vaccine has also tried in many places, but the results are not yet precise. By the way, common flu-like Coronavirus Symptoms found in a person having COVID-19. There are complaints of phlegm, dry cough, fever, headache. Recently survivors of this epidemic have reported 12 signs of the Coronavirus. Let’s know.

Painful Sinus

Painful sinuses are common during the flu and cold. However, it often hurts a lot and remains pressure. Connor Reid, who lives in the Chinese city of Wuhan, said sinus pain terrible during this time. Connor was among those who became the first victims of the novel Coronavirus in November 2019. He told that he had terrible pain all over his body during this period, severe pain in the head, burning eyes and a sore throat.

Tingling and Pain In The Ear

Connor also felt that his ears were ready to open. These may happen because the ears closed due to the virus. The tube inside the ears is closed, due to which the pressure felt. In such a situation, everyone advised not to clean the earbuds. These increase the risk of damage.

Coronavirus Symptoms: Severe Headache

Headache is common in flu and cold. These can also happen due to less water in the body. If you are complaining of a problem, do not panic, but you can take paracetamol. Doctors are advising Coronavirus patients to change paracetamol to ibuprofen. The infected person, Kevin Harris, says that he had severe headaches. After this, he admitted to Ohio Hospital. Kevin further states that if asked if he would rate his problem on a scale of 10, he would say 15.

Eye Irritation

It has always seen that people get eye irritation during flu or any such infection. It also happens during allergic reactions to something. This type of eye irritation also caused by smoke, smog and other things. Even Connor Reid had complaints of eye irritation and severe headache.

Coronavirus Symptoms: Sore Throat

Constant coughing can cause a sore throat, which is an essential symptom of this disease. If you feel difficulty in breathing or swallowing, then you must see a doctor immediately. Andrew O’Dwyer infected in Italy with the Coronavirus. He told that cough had made his condition very delicate. The cough was such that it was not taking the name of stopping.

Severe Body Pain

People infected with Coronavirus have reported severe body pain. Which was not just limited to the ears and chest, but there was also a lot of pain in the legs and arms. In this regard, Elizabeth Schneider, who lives in Seattle, said that the initial symptoms of the disease fever with terrible pain in the head, body and joints.

Lungs Like Paper Bags

If your lungs start to hear paper-like sounds from your lungs, then it is a symptom of pneumonia. Such a sound comes when water starts filling in your lungs. Pneumonia is also associated with the Coronavirus. Mark Thibault of Rod Island, too, had trouble breathing and panicked as he was unable to breathe.

Fatigue and Loss Of Appetite

It is common to get tired of the flu. Therefore, it is advisable to rest as much as possible. Jemuia Sae-ug, Thailand’s first coronavirus patient, recalled early symptoms that she always felt tired, even stopped feeling hungry.

Coronavirus Symptoms: Fever

It observed that the first symptom of Coronavirus is fever. People felt that temperature is the only symptom of this viral infection. Many patients had a single illness and no problems like breathlessness and phlegm. The first Coronavirus patient from Delhi, Rohit Dutta, said that he had a frenzy when he returned from Italy, which lasted for a few days and that is why he reached the doctor for a test.

Chest Tightness

A person infected with Coronavirus has fever, chest tightness and cough as well. Through this cough, the virus spreads in the air. Therefore, people advised folding their hands towards the elbow when they cough or sneeze. Carl Goldman of Santa Clarita said that when he came to America from the flight, he had a cough while travelling. After this, he isolated himself. At this time, Goldman complained of chest tightness and cough.

Fatigue from Flight Travel

London resident Bridget Wilkins felt some symptoms when she returned to London from Australia. He started feeling very tired and a sore throat. At first, he thought that she felt the same after the flight but still got the test done.

Coronavirus Symptoms: Fainting

This virus exhausts patients to such an extent that they sometimes think they will faint. David and Sally Abell, who lives in Oxfordshire, shared their story of fighting the Coronavirus. He said that he also saw similar symptoms that felt by all the other patients. After which he went for a test.

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