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How Much Will It Cost To Install Solar Panel On The Roof Of The House?


Electricity is not a big problem in India. The problem is with the electricity bill. However, the electricity rate in India is cheaper than in other countries. But according to the people here, even this affordable rate proves heavy for them. Recently, a big problem of power crisis arose when it came to know that coal is left in the country’s power plant for only a few days. The government took immediate action, and the matter kept getting worse and worse.

However, it cannot be said right now that the power crisis has been averted from our forehead. A report states that there has been a decrease of up to 5 per cent in electricity supply at the national level. In many states, this decrease has been seen even more. In such a situation, a question arises whether we can not make any alternative to electricity ourselves. Can’t we make our electricity and run our own business? The answer is Solar Panel is hidden. The same panel that you can put on the roof of the house.

You can call the technology of solar panels rooftop solar plates or rooftop solar in English. It is said that there are endless possibilities for solar energy in India, but it is not being used at that level. Countries with a handful of populations in comparison to India are getting the majority of their consumption from solar energy.


India is still far behind in comparison to them. But better momentum is being seen in this direction than before. There are many benefits of rooftop solar panels. One, the electricity bill will be negligible. Second, if you want, you can generate more electricity, sell it to the government, and earn money.

What is Rooftop Solar Panel?

Rooftop solar panels are seen on the roofs of homes. Solar plates are installed on the roofs, a rooftop panel. It is a technology that produces electricity by absorbing the energy from the sun’s rays. The panel consists of photovoltaic cells which convert solar energy into electricity. This electricity does the same thing that electricity from the power grid does.

Advantages of solar panels

The advantages of solar panels are many. It is cheaper and more convenient than the electricity generated from the power grid. You can generate this electricity in your home. The government gives you a subsidy for this, with the help of which you can buy solar panels cheaply.


Solar panels have a life of 25 years and do not require any repairs or maintenance during this period. Once you install the panel, you will continue to get electricity. It must be cleaned from time to time so that the sunlight properly falls on the panel.

No additional space or land is required to install solar panels. You can hang it anywhere on the roof of the house. It does not cause any pollution. Solar energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions, leading to environmental protection.

Solar panel installation cost

The cost of generating electricity from a solar panel depends on the module and inverter. Usually, it costs Rs 45,000 to Rs 85,000 to install a 1 kW solar panel. Apart from this, the cost of the battery will be there. Similarly, if 5 KW solar panels are installed, then the price of Rs. 2.15 lakh to Rs. 3.15 lakh can be incurred. However, if you look at the cost of the electricity bill, then after 5-6 years, your bill will be zero because, in 5-6 years, the entire fee will be gone. Later the cost will be zero.


Benefit of subsidy

The central government subsidises installing solar panels on the house’s roof. However, the subsidy is granted only for installing panels on the homes. Not for commercial use. Up to 40 per cent subsidy is given for solar panels of 3 kW capacity.

20% for installation of 4 to 10 KW solar and no subsidy is given for installing solar panels of more than 10 KW capacity. To get the subsidy, you can visit the link of the discom or ring the toll-free number 1800-180-3333 given by the government.

Ashish Kumar Mishra
Ashish Kumar Mishra
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