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Death Dream Meaning – Seeing Yourself or Someone Else Dying in Dream


Death Dream Meaning: Since ancient times, dreams are associated with future events. Even in the Ramayana period, Lord Rama had guessed that something terrible had happened in the state only after seeing an inauspicious dream at the time of death of Dasharatha. Ravana had also received inauspicious signs in his dream before death. Learn more about Death Dream Meaning in this article.

Death Dream Meaning

Auspicious dreams of death: The dream of death doesn’t need to be consistently bad; it also gives auspicious signs at times. If you see your death in your dream then it is auspicious. It means that soon you are going to get lucky. If a sick person sees his death in his dream, it means that his condition will improve. If a person sees his death while flying in his dream, it means that his worries are going to go away. If you know the death of a loved one in your dream, it means that they will have a long life. To see the meaning in the dream suggests that you will get chances of getting money.

Seeing a dead person in a dream: If you see a dead person in your dream, it means that some of their wishes were left unfulfilled, which they want to fulfil through you. Talking to a dead person in a dream means that some of your wishes are about to be fulfilled, or you can get profit in business. On the other hand, to see the dead family burning means that your troubles will end soon.


Inauspicious dreams of deathSeeing suicide in a dream is an inauspicious sign. It means that you are going to get into some trouble or you may have some disease. Seeing a ghost in a dream also indicates some big difficulty coming in the future. Seeing someone getting murdered in your dream means that you may get cheated by someone special to you. It is not considered good to see a severed head in a dream; it means that some big trouble will come on you.

Such dreams indicate suffering like death: It is not good to see yourself getting shaved in a dream. This dream is considered a sign of the death of someone in the family. Applying oil in a dream and seeing oneself sitting on a donkey is a sign of suffering like death in future. Repeatedly dreaming of death or cremation also indicates some great suffering.

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