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How To Say Samosa, Jalebi, Golgappa etc In English? You Hardly Know!


English Names Of Snacks: Samosas, jalebis, kachoris, etc., are a part of everyday life in our lives. We eat them with great enthusiasm. A snack party is not complete without samosas and kachoris. And what to say about Jalebi? It came out after frying in a pan and then immersed in another pan filled with juice. Then its taste is fantastic.

English Names Of Snacks

Mouthwatering while reading. How can you leave Panipuri? Where else is it better to enjoy eating it while taking a chucker! You must be eating all these items, but do you know what English is called? Let us tell you about them…

Samosa in English
Samosa in English Name

Samosa: This is a favourite snack of North Indians. Even in English, when it has to be written and spoken, people often write and talk to Samosa. But talking about the proper English name, it is called Rissole in English.

Jalebi in English
Jalebi in English Name

Jalebi: It is called Rounded Sweet or Funnel Cake in English. Although some people also call it Sweetmeat or Syrup Filled Ring.

Kachori in English
Kachori in English Name

Kachori: This is also included in our favourite snacks. Kachori is called Pie in English. However, if you ask a shopkeeper saying its English name, he will hardly understand.

Pani Puri in English
Pani Puri in English Name

Panipuri or Golgappa: It is liked all over the country. It is also called Gupchup, Phuchka. Its English name is straightforward. It is called Water Balls in English. Water means water, and Balls represent Puri.

Raita in English
Raita in English Name

Raita: Raita has tremendous importance with food. Especially in summer. Many people like Boondi Raita. Raita is called Mix Curd in English.

Ashish Kumar Mishra
Ashish Kumar Mishra
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