Farahan Akhtar Diet Plan, Know What Is The Secret Of His Fitness

Farhan Akhtar Diet Plan and Workout Secret: 45-year-old Farhan Akhtar is very fit and healthy. He is not only an actor but also a writer, singer, producer, and director. Farhan Akhtar recently appeared in “The Sky is Pink”. Just like the rest of Bollywood’s celebrities, Farhan Akhtar is also a fitness freak and by seeing them, this can also be guessed. In an article by Spot News 18, Farhan Akhtar eats sweet potatoes before a workout and is a great snack for him. Apart from this, he does many other things to keep himself fit. Let us know about Farahan Akhtar Diet Plan and workout plan.

Farahan Akhtar Diet Plan

Akhtar fitness trainer Sameer Jaura revealed in an interview with The Times of India that he adds the right amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates to his diet. For those who do regular workouts, Joura recommends eating about six or eight meals per day.

Joura also mentioned in the interview that the ideal snack before the workout session may be a carb-sweet potato. Laura also said that Farhan always carries a box of homemade food with him, which usually includes chicken, fish or other protein-rich foods.

Breakfast: Farhan eats an omelet made of 6 egg whites daily. He also drinks orange juice.

Mid-morning snacks: He drinks half a glass of skimmed milk after 2 hours of breakfast. Then after half an hour drink coconut water.

Lunch: Farhan eats broccoli, beans, cabbage, and many other vegetables during the day. He eats 150 grams of chicken to get protein. Eat everything made in olive oil.

Post lunch: He drinks a protein shake after 2 hours of lunch.

Evening breakfast: In the evening breakfast, Farhan eats boiled gram salad. Also, the salad includes tomatoes and cucumbers.

Dinner: At dinner, he drinks a protein shake just before bedtime.

Farahan Akhtar Workout Plan: Farhan follows his workout and diet seriously. Apart from doing heavy workouts in the gym, he also rides 22 kilometers daily. He revealed in an interview with Zoom that he believes that fitness is not only about your body, but it is also very important to improve mood.

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