Big Fall In Gold and Silver Price, Know The Latest Price Here

Due to the strengthening of the Indian rupee, the gold price has registered a major decline. On Friday, 24-carat gold became cheaper by Rs 232 in Delhi Bullion Market. Silver prices have declined only marginally by Rs. 7 per kg. On Friday, the price of 24-carat gold fell by Rs 232 and gold was ruling at Rs 38,486 per 10 grams. On Friday, a drop in the price of 1 kg of silver has also observed. Silver prices fell to Rs 45,189 from Rs 45,196.

Gold and Silver Price

According to experts, a deal may be signed between China and the US to end the trade war. Investor’s trend towards the stock market. This has led to a fall in gold prices. Earlier on Thursday, the price of 24-carat gold in the Delhi Bullion market rose from Rs 71 to Rs 38564 per 10 grams. At the same time, the gold price of 99.9 percent purity in the Delhi bullion market was reduced from Rs 73 to Rs 38486 per 10 grams. Silver Price.

Silver Price

In Delhi bullion, the price of 10 grams of gold with 99.9 percent has gone up by Rs 71. Silver too was expensive at Rs 359 per kg. Bullion traders said on Thursday that gold rates had increased internationally due to no reduction in interest rates in the US. Due to this, Indian markets are hot on Thursday on the prices of gold and Silver Price.

Due to the strengthening of the rupee, gold prices have dropped significantly. On Friday, the 24-carat gold price fell by Rs 232 in Delhi Bullion Market. Silver prices have fallen by just Rs 7 per kg. Gold fell to Rs 38,486 per 10 grams on Friday. At the same time, the price of silver fell by 1 kg from Rs 45,196 to 45,189. Gold and silver prices fell sharply, know the latest price here

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