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Jalebi: Jalebi Full Of Flavor Is Not The Dish Of India, Know Its History?


Jalebi Is Not The Dish Of India: Jalebi is such a sweet dish, making everyone’s mouth water, and the mind is tempted to eat it. Whether it is winter or summer, eating hot Jalebi has its fun. Often, Jalebi is made primarily in homes on festivals etc. The taste of Jalebi may be on the tongue of every Indian, but it is liked in other countries.

Everyone likes the sweet taste of Jalebi made in curdled apple. It is said that the popularity of this sweet starts from the Indian subcontinent and goes to the western country of Spain.

Jalebi Is Not The Dish Of India?

Usually, Jalebi is made delicious plain and dipped in sugar syrup. Jalebi is also eaten with milk, rabri and curd to enhance the taste. But have you ever wondered where Jalebi originated and what is its history? Today we will tell you everything about Jalebi.


Where did Jalebi originate?

It is said that Jalebi is an Arabic word in origin. The real name of this sweet is Jalabiya. But in India, it is called Jalebi. Due to being full of juice and drenched in syrup, it got this name, and then its form became Jalebi. In Northwest India and Pakistan, where it is called Jalebi, in Maharashtra, it is called Jilbi, and in Bengal, it is pronounced Jilpi.

Mention in ancient books

According to reports, Jalebi cuisine was mentioned in ancient times; in the 13th century, Muhammad bin Hasan al-Baghdadi wrote a book on this magnificent dish. It is said that its name was al-Tabikh. In this book, a mention was made about Zaulbia, i.e. Jalebi. Not only this, it is said that when Persian and Turkish traders came to India, it started being made in our country as well.

Jalebi is the pride of India.

Everyone likes Jalebi due to its juicy taste; Jalebi can be easily made at home. Different names call Jalebi in other places. Jalebi is especially appreciated in the winter season. Although cold, Jalebi does not give fun to eat. Not only this, the ingredients needed to make Jalebi are maida, ghee and sugar. You can easily swim this at home in half an hour.


There are many types of Jalebi.

Usually, Jalebi is made typically. But today, there are many other ways to make it. Jalebi is made of paneer, sometimes Jalebi made of khoya adds colour to the taste. Usually, Jalebi is made in a short and curved style. In the Indore district of Madhya Pradesh, such jalebis are found which be more prominent in size than the common jalebis.

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