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World’s Richest Man Jeff Bezos Bought A House Of $165 Million

Jeff Bezos, the head of e-commerce giant Amazon and the world’s richest man. Has buying the most expensive house in the American city of Los Angeles. The value of this property is $165 million, which is about Rs 1178 crore. This is a new record of expensive property in Los Angeles.

According to the American media, Jeff Bezos bought this luxurious house (Warner Estate) from media businessman David Geffen. It said that this is by far the most expensive deal of any residential property in Los Angeles. Earlier in 2019, Lashon Murdoch paid about $150 million to buy Bel-Air Estate.

This Bungalow Spread Over So Many Acres

According to the news, this bungalow named Warner Estate is spread over nine acres in Beverly Hills. It has many other things including guest house, tennis court, and golf course. The house was built in 1930 by Jack Warner, the former president of Warner Brothers. It designed in the 1930s for the Hollywood film Titan Jack Warner.

Jeff Bezos Is The Richest In The World

Jeff Bezos, head of the e-commerce sector Amazon, has been valued at around $131 billion. He considered the richest person in the world. Recently Jeff bought artwork for $5.25 million.

Recently Came To India

Jeff Bezos also visited India recently and has announced to invest one billion dollars (Rs 7000 crore) on the digitalization of India’s Small and Medium Enterprises (SMBs). With this, small and medium and medium enterprises will be able to sell their products online.

Jeff Bezos made this announcement while addressing the Amazon Possible Conference on Small and Medium Enterprises in New Delhi. With this, he said that the company will export $10 billion of ‘Make in India’ products by 2025 through its global reach.

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