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Know Which Lipstick Shade is Best For You According to Your Zodiac Sign!


Every girl likes to wear lipstick. Light lipstick works to enhance the complexion of your face. A girl will get many shades of one colour lipstick. Creamy lipstick works to enhance the beauty of your face. But do you know which lipstick shade will be best according to your zodiac sign? If not, we tell.

Lipstick Shade According to Zodiac Sign

Aries – Your personality is bold, so a red lipstick is the best for you.

Taurus – You have a great love for natural things. You have a kind personality so that cocoa lipstick would be perfect.


Gemini – Gemini women always like something different. In such a situation, you can try a mixed peach shade of pink and red lipstick. This is perfect according to your zodiac sign.

Cancer – You are sensitive and kind. Cancer people are full of positivity, and there is nothing better for them than pink shades.

Leo – People of this zodiac are fearless. They don’t care about people’s opinions. They like to experiment. According to your personality, golden colour lipstick is perfect.


Virgo – Women of this zodiac like truth and honesty. They like transparency in relationships. Orange lipstick shades are perfect for you.

Libra – People of this zodiac like to keep balance in things. Do not try anything new in a hurry. If they stick to one thing, they focus on that. Coral colours are perfect according to your personality.

Scorpio – People of this zodiac like attention, and as a result, they like to try new things. You try purple lipstick.


Sagittarius – People of this zodiac believe in making a different identity even in the crowd. Is Plum Color Right for You?

Capricorn – People of this zodiac like classic fashion. Brown lipstick shades are perfect according to your personality.

Aquarius – People of this zodiac are fickle. All of these things would like a slight grade. That’s why you can try blue shade.


Pisces – Women of this zodiac believe in making history. You can try the pink pop colour. It exactly matches your personality.

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