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#StartTohKaro: Malaika Arora Showed A Way Of Stretching In Flight


Malaika Arora: Most people have to sit more at home to work from home. This is the epidemic spread by the coronavirus and the lockdown and social distancing imposed by the government. Experts say that sitting for a long time can affect your health sooner or later. There is a risk of muscle stiffness, muscle weakness, back and leg pain, and joint pain due to prolonged sitting.

Malaika Arora Stretching in Flight

Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, solid and reduces stiffness. In addition, regular stretching increases blood circulation, relieves muscle tension in the body, reduces the risk of injury and improves mental health. Therefore, whenever you get a chance, do stretching anywhere and anytime. Bollywood actress Malaika Arora does not miss doing this, even if her journey is by plane. In the video shared on Instagram, the actress can be seen stretching on the flight.

It is worth noting that Malaika’s identity is to maintain fitness. His attitude towards fitness can be understood by watching the posts or videos shared on his social media account. For example, Malaika wrote, “Stretch when you wake up from sleep, stretch when you take a 5-minute break from work, stretch even while travelling.”


Stretch even while working from home

For many people working from home is not as thrilled as it seems. Proper setup cannot be more helpful than your temporary place of work. Long working hours during the pandemic, along with poor sitting posture or issue, may pay the price to your shoulder, neck and back health. Pain and discomfort can reduce your productivity.

Stretching can be done even while sitting.

Get on the edge of your seat, step your right foot forward, keep your left foot flat on the ground with your knee bent, keeping your spine straight, touch your right toes with your right hand.

Ashish Kumar Mishra
Ashish Kumar Mishra
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