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The Secret of 786 Number, Meaning Of 786, And Why it is Auspicious


In today’s post, we are going to give information about “The Meaning Of 786”. Many people do not know the meaning of 786. After all, why is the number 786 considered auspicious in Islam and what is the reason behind considering 786 as an auspicious number

The secret of 786 Numbers, Meaning Of 786?

In this post, we are going to give you complete information. So let’s look at the importance of the 786 digit number in today’s post.

Many Muslims often believe that instead of “Bismillah”, we can write 786. This belief is more in the world in India, Pakistan, Myanmar and Bangladesh. Here you will find “786” written very commonly on the walls and doors of shops, houses, even on children’s books and exam papers. Many Muslims and Hindus also wear 786 as a talisman around their neck and consider these three numbers auspicious. But what is the real reason behind it? In this post, you will get the answers to all the questions.

The Secret of 786 Digit Number, What Does 786 Mean?

Arabic is the official language of Islam, in which the Qur’an-e-Sharif is written. There are 28 letters in the Arabic alphabet. There are two ways of arranging letters in the Arabic language. One method is the most common method, which is known as the alphabetical method.

The second method is called the Abjad method. In the Abjad Method, each letter of the Arabic language is assigned an arithmetic value from 1 to 1000. For example, the Arabic letter yāʾ has been given a discount of 10, kāf 20.


Meaning that there are 28 letters in the Arabic language, and each of these letters is assigned some arithmetic value.

Now consider a sentence that goes something like this – ” Bismillah-Hirrahma-Nirrahim ” ( b-is-llāh r-raḥmān r-raḥīm ). To write this given sentence in the Arabic language, all the letters of the Arabic language we use, adding the arithmetic value of all those letters, the total value comes to 786.

If we try to understand in simple words, all the 28 letters of the Arabic language have been assigned some arithmetic value according to the Abjad method. All the letters used to write the sentence ” Bismillah-Hirrahma-Nirrahim ” in the Arabic language, adding the arithmetic value of all those letters, the total number comes to 786 points.


The sentence ” Bismillah-Hirrahma-Nirrahim ” is abbreviated as a noun called ‘Bismillah’ in the Arabic language.

If we write ” Bismillah-Hirrahma-Nirrahim ” in the Arabic language, then 19 letters of the Arabic alphabet are used to write this sentence. If we take the Gematrical Value of each letter out of these 19 letters of the Arabic language and add the Gematrical Value of all the letters together, then a total of 786 points comes.

In the table below, you can see which 19 letters are needed to write the sentence ” Bismillah-Hirrahma-Nirrahim ” (b-ismi-llāh r-raḥmān r-raḥīm) in Arabic language and what is their Gematrical Value so that it will be easy for you to understand this whole post.

Arabic alphabets Gematrical Value
Baa ‘ 2
Here 60
me 40
‘Alif 1
Laam 30
Laam 30
Haa ‘ 6
‘Alif 1
Laam 30
Raa’ 200
H! aa’ 8
me 40
Nuun 50
Alif 1
Laam 30
Raa’ 200
H! aa’ 8
Yaa’ 10
me 40
Value of Total Gematrical Value = 786

So maybe now you must have understood the meaning of 786 completely. Let us now know some more essential things about it.

Why is the 786 digit number considered sacred in the Muslim/Islam religion?

First of all, you should know that the mention of 786 is not found anywhere in the holy Muslim scripture “Quran-e-Sharif”. There is nothing written explicitly about 786 anywhere in the Qur’an.


But now you must be thinking that why then 786 is seen as associated with the Muslim religion? Why, especially in India and Pakistan, some Muslim people and even those who believe in Hinduism consider 786 as a very sacred number.

You must have read a lot of news on the internet that people are willing to buy the note at the end of the number, of which 786 is written at a high price. So what is the reason behind all this? Let’s have a look at it.

” Bismillah-Hirrahma-Nirrahim” The sentence is also called ‘Bismillah’ in the Arabic language as a short noun. If we take the meaning of this sentence in Arabic language, then it is something like this –


The words Bismillah, Rahman and Rahim mean “God Inside the name of”, “kind”, and “kind”.

It means that in Islam, the sentence ” Bismillah-Hirrahma-Nirrahim ” is appended to the name of God. This sentence is considered the name of God. People of Muslim society think the word ‘Bismillah’ to be the name of God, and their religious faith is attached to this word.

Now, since the total Gematrical Value of Arabic letters used in the sentence ” Bismillah-Hirrahma-Nirrahim ” is 786, people also consider 786 as the numeral number of God.


This is the reason that some people in Islam see 786 as being related to God. The 786 digit number holds a religious significance among the people of Muslim and Hindu religion due to the mathematical relationship of 786 to ” Bismillah-Hirrahma-Nirrahim “.

Thus the number 786 is just a mathematical miracle. Since its relationship has been linked directly or indirectly with God/Khuda/Allah, people’s religious faith is associated with the number 786.

Secret Revealed Behind 786
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