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Rewa Tourist Place: Most Beautiful Tourist Places To Visit In Rewa City


Best Tourist Places in Rewa: Rewa is one of the most prominent cities of Madhya Pradesh. This is a city which is famous for its historical heritage. Here you can enjoy the forests, waterfalls, rivers and lush greenery.

Best Tourist Places in Rewa

Many places in Rewa attract many tourists. Many sites will make Rewa’s journey memorable. Let’s find out which areas you can plan to visit in Rewa.

Rani Talab

This is one of the oldest wells in the state. Rani Talab is located in the southern part of the city and is considered sacred. A temple of Goddess Kali is also situated in the west of the lake. It is one of the most revered Kali temples in the state. It is believed that this temple fulfils the wishes of the devotees, and hence a large number of locals and tourists visit it. During Navratri and Diwali, grand pujas and fairs are organised in the temple. Although this temple can be seen throughout the year, it can be a great experience during these festivals.

Govindgarh Palace

A visit to Govindgarh Palace means that you get to see many attractions in the vicinity, including waterfalls, rivers, forests and much more. It was built by the then Raja of Rewa. There is a beautiful lake here, Govindgarh Lake, on the palace’s banks. This palace was constructed very well. It has lovely architecture around it. There is a museum in this palace. This museum is the first to house the white tiger found in the nearby forest.


Rewa Fort

This is the main tourist attraction in Rewa. Behind it are two rivers that provide natural beauty to the fort. The main gate of the fort is a fine example of Indian architecture. There is also accommodation for tourists here. Accommodations are available within the fort. It also has a restaurant and a museum. The main places to visit here are the royal silver throne, the chandelier of the museum hall, the Arms Gallery and the White Tiger Gallery.

Purva Waterfall

This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh, situated at about 70 meters. Tons of Tamsa river is the place from where the waterfalls emerge. This waterfall offers a glimpse of a beautiful view. It is a favourite picnic spot for families.

Kyoti Falls

This is the 24th highest waterfall in India. For a pleasant time with family and friends in Rewa, visit Kyoti Waterfalls. This is a popular tourist destination.

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