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Underwear: Do You Also Make Such Mistakes Regarding Undergarments?


Underwear Mistakes: Taking care of cleanliness is very important for our health. Not only is cleanliness necessary in food and drink, but cleanliness is equally important in living. For example, we are clean after bathing, wearing clean clothes, washing hands, etc. Now look at the clothes and not men and women like shirt-pants, sari, jeans-top, Kurti etc.

Many people are not that much aware of undergarments. Many people do not even take a bath or change their underwear every day. In 2017, the internet market research portal YouGov conducted a survey, according to which 18 per cent of men mostly re-wear underwear without washing it. At the same time, 7 per cent of women also do this.

10-10 days same bra!

Online clothing selling company ‘Bana Moon Clothing’ also conducted a survey in which it was found that 26 per cent of women wear the same bra for five days. At the same time, 6 per cent are left wearing the same bra for 10-10 days. This survey also revealed that 31 per cent of men wear underwear at least twice before washing. Ten per cent of women also do this.


Be it women or men, and many people are not that much aware of undergarments. Such neglect is harmful to health. In some cases, such mistakes can even lead to severe diseases.

Underwear fabric important

Underwear made of skin-friendly fabric is perfect. It should also be comfortable to wear. Due to the formation of sweat from synthetic or terry cotton underwear, there is a possibility of bacteria growing near the private parts. It can cause skin irritation, itching, ringworm etc. Cotton underwear also prevents yeast infections from developing.

Underwear for gym

If you do or do the gym, it is essential to wear better underwear at the gym. For this particular gym, supporters come. There are comfortable sports bras for women too. You should take special care of the size, because if the underwear is too tight, then there may be a problem of itching etc., due to moisture. Another important thing is that underwear must be changed after the gym because there is no possibility of infection due to sweating or vaginal discharge.


Do not make mistakes even in washing and drying.

It is advisable not to wash underwear in high-scented detergents. These can cause rashes and allergies. Allergies are prone to itching and burning. Therefore, it is advisable to use hypo-allergenic detergents. Underwear should not be dried in the dryer. The heat of the dryer breaks down the fabric and allows them to shrink. In such a situation, the underwear becomes loose-fitting.

Sleeping in underwear

Many people have a habit of taking off their underwear and sleeping in lower, loose pants etc. It is said that this habit helps in sound sleep. Some reports suggest that your body needs a break from underwear. This gives relaxation to the body.

Excessive use of shapewear

The trend of shapewear is common among women. According to the dress, women use it. But using too much of it can harm you. Because shapewear compresses your body, it puts extra pressure on the kidney, bladder. Because of this, a condition of nerve compression arises. If it becomes severe, it can turn into long-lasting pain. In such a situation, these mistakes related to underwear should be rectified in time.

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