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These 5 Questions Your Gynecologist Should Be Asking You, Women Should Never Be Shy Or Embarrassed


To maintain reproductive health, every woman must visit a Gynecologist and get her checkup done regularly. But many women shy away from telling about their sexual health. Not talking openly to the Gynecologist about the problems related to personal health can prove to be very expensive for you at times.

In such a situation, you must answer the gynaecologist’s questions without any shyness. During the checkup, the Gynecologist may ask you various questions regarding your intimate health. Let us know about those questions which you should answer without hesitation.

Are you sexually active?

Although this doctor question may seem nonsense to you, doctors decide which tests you have to get done based on the answer to this question. According to a Gynecologist, your care is taken according to the information you share with the doctor.


How many sexual partners have you had?

Women are often hesitant to answer this question. If you have been living with the same partner for the last 15 years, the doctor may suggest you not get an STD test. But if you have had sex with three different people in the same month, the doctor may ask you to get an STD test done.

Do your periods come on time every month?

The regular period cycle in women is 28 days. It is common for periods to come back and forth three to four days from the date, but if this gap is too much, it is called irregular periods. Periods not being regular can be pretty severe at times. If this happens, a doctor must be contacted.

Pain and bleeding during or after sex?

If you sometimes have pain in your vagina or pelvis during or after sex, then there is no need to panic. However, you should see a doctor if you face pain during or after sex. The doctor may ask you to get tested for basic vaginal infection or endometriosis.


Has there been any change in your vaginal discharge or smell?

Many women hesitate to answer this question because of which many times, even doctors do not ask these questions to women. But if there is a sudden change in your vaginal discharge, colour, or small, it can signify bacterial infection. Although it is quite easy to deal with this problem, you must tell the doctor openly.

Are you happy with your birth control method?

Doctors often ask women about intimate health, but if your doctor is not asking this question, you must go to another better doctor. The gynaecologist’s job is to tell you the safe birth control methods and help you. In such a situation, what ways do you adopt birth control? Tell your doctor about this so that he can help you choose all the options.

Do you self-check your breasts?

Every woman needs to do self-checking of her breast. However, it is your doctor’s job to remind you to do so. The doctor can tell you many more effective ways for proper checking.

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