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Sex on Honeymoon Will Become Memorable, If You Adopt these 5 Tips


All newly married couples are always excited and thrilled and nervous thinking about the honeymoon after marriage. Especially the night of the first night is such a moment, which is even more challenging for those going to experience sex for the first time. In such a situation, the five tips given here can help make sex on a honeymoon memorable and spectacular.

Wear sexy lingerie on honeymoon

sexy lingerie for honeymoon

Wear beautiful sexy lingerie to make your honeymoon memorable and make your husband swoon with your style. Your sexy dress and your beauty will help to spice up sex while enticing your partner. Women feel confident about their sex appeal by wearing sexy lingerie. The male partner should also not forget to praise his wife. This will also make her feel happy, which will be a great start to the start of your sexual life.


romantic sexual night

It is essential to keep your private parts hygienic during sex. Hygiene plays a vital role in sex. Negligence of one of the partners in this regard can also cause infection in the private part, which can be dangerous for your health in the future. So keeping hygiene tension free and enjoying full sex is good for your health and your sexual life. before and after sex

make your first sex moment special


It is not right to rush about sex on the day of the honeymoon. No matter how excited you are for your first night, be mindful of your partner’s feelings and comfort. Keep in mind that sex should always be done with mutual consent. If the feelings of both the partners are involved, then this experience will become beautiful. Sex is not only about meeting each other’s physical needs but also being emotionally attached. If you move forward in the relationship by respecting each other’s feelings, your relationship becomes even more vital.

Use lubricants and condoms

use condom foe sex in honeymoon

Many girls are scared by the name of Suhagrat. In such a situation, dryness can arise in their vagina during sex. At the same time, it is essential to have lubrication in the vagina for sex. If such a problem also occurs with your wife, then use a lubricant to have sex. Also, to avoid unwanted pregnancy, have safe sex and use condoms for this. With this, your first sexual experience will be good for both you and your partner.


Don’t talk about virginity.

clean private part always

Whether or not to have sex before marriage is a personal decision. In such a situation, do not judge your partner’s character on this basis. Enjoy this memorable moment of your life and focus on making your first sex moment special. Start your new life with broad-minded and open-mindedness.

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