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Whatsapp Name Change, Now It Will Appear In Your Mobile


WhatsApp is big news for the users. WhatsApp has changed its name. It has introduced a new update in its latest beta. WhatsApp’s name has changed in this update. WhatsApp has now added the tag ‘WhatsApp from Facebook’. That is, the name of WhatsApp has now been changed to WhatsApp from Facebook. Whatsapp Name Change.

Facebook Has Changed The Name Of Whatsapp. Now You Will See The New Whatsapp Name As Whatsapp From Facebook. These Also Seen On Instagram.

Apart from this, Instagram has also renamed to Instagram from Facebook. Facebook has started adding its name to all three platforms owned by Facebook, Messanger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Instagram has also recently tag with the name tag ‘Instagram From Facebook’.


Whatsapp Name Change

Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook

According to the report, the ‘WhatsApp From Facebook’ tag has been spotted in the Settings option of WhatsApp. When Facebook bought WhatsApp, there was no mention of Facebook on this platform. But now by adding the name of the company, people will know that WhatsApp is part of Facebook.

At the beginning of this year, Facebook started adding its name to its apps Instagram and Whatsapp. Facebook also confirmed it. It was first reported on The Information News website. Later, Facebook also confirmed this. Facebook has confirmed that it is going to change the name of WhatsApp and Instagram. Whatsapp Name Change.


Whatsapp Name Change

Facebook bought Instagram in the year 2012 and WhatsApp in the year 2014. All these apps currently have over one billion users. Facebook’s highest-earning is through Instagram. More and more consumers and advertisers are being attracted through Instagram.

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