World Liver Day Corona Fatal For Liver Patients Dr Advised

World Liver Day 2021 WHO

World Liver Day 2021: Today is the day around the world, i.e. April 19 is known as ‘Liver Day’. Liver disease is considered a dangerous disease. People also lose their lives due to this disease. By the way, many times, liver disease is caused by drinking maximum alcohol and cigarettes. But do you know, the worldwide coronation corona can also spoil your liver and can be fatal for you.

World Liver Day 2021

The director of Fortis Hospital, Gastroenterology, Dr Arvind Sahni, says that the corona is proving harmful to the liver. After the birth of Corona, this virus is hazardous for liver patients. He noted that Corona has become life-threatening for patients who already have liver problems. Dr Arvind has advised such patients to get the Corona vaccine as a priority without delay.

Viral infections B and C should be treated soon.

According to Dr., if the disease is detected at the initial stage, then treatment is possible or else the symptom takes the form of liver cancer or terminal illness. He said the liver of any person depends on his lifestyle. Maximum alcohol can spoil your liver. According to Dr., the corona vaccine is present for hepatitis A and B viruses. At the same time, viruses like Hepatitis B and C are bloodborne. Due to which viral infections, B and C should be treated soon.