RBI Issued A New 1000 Rupee Note, Viral In Social Media

Since the demonetization, the government is issuing new notes. In this link recently, there was news that soon, a further 1 rupee note will see in the market. Meanwhile, another story is becoming viral in social media that the Reserve Bank is going to bring a new record of 1000 rupees soon. Along with this news, a picture of a 1000 rupee note is also going viral. In which a brown sign seen. Apart from the view of Mahatma Gandhi, a rupee symbol also made on the bill. Also, its front and back side pictures give.

With this picture, it claimed that it is a new note of 1000 Rupee Note, which has released recently. Along with this, it also claimed that soon it would also reach among the people. If you, too, have received any such message or picture requesting this, do not believe it at all. The Reserve Bank hasn’t issued any new note of 1000 rupees as well as an announcement about making it shortly.

RBI 1000 Rupee Note

The Press Information Bureau has also tweeted a message from its Fact Check Twitter account. To go and check people about this viral message. In which it clearly stated that no new note of 1000 rupees has released. And The related news is entirely false. PIB has said that rumor is spreading in social media that 1000 rupee note has come, but this is fake news.

Let us know that PIB Fact Check works to stop the wrong. And false information is given to it by looking at the news going on in social media and media about the policy. Scheme, department, and other decisions of the Central Government. If you also get any such message or picture which seems suspicious, then you can confirm it by sending them WhatsApp number + 91-8799711259 to PIB Fact Check.

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