11439 Coronavirus Cases In India Have Been Reported, 377 Deaths

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The figure of Coronavirus patients in India has crossed 11 thousand. In the last 24 hours, around 700 new cases have revealed. According to the Health Department report, now the number of corona patients in the country has increased to 11439. So far, 377 people have lost their lives due to this deadly disease. At the same time, 1306 people have cured of this disease.

Coronavirus Cases In India

Maharashtra is most affected by Coronavirus. So far 2687 cases have reported here, in which 178 people have died, while 259 people have cured. Delhi is at number two. There have been 1561 cases in which 30 people have been killed. It is a matter of relief that in the last 24 hours, only 51 new cases have come to Delhi.

Tamil Nadu is at number three. There have been 1204 Coronavirus cases, in which 12 people have died. At the same time, 483 cases (9 deaths) in Andhra Pradesh, 11 cases in Andaman and Nicobar, one case in Arunachal Pradesh, 32 cases (end of one) in Assam, 66 cases (death of one) in Bihar, 21 in Chandigarh. Cases have arrived.

Apart from this, 33 Coronavirus cases in Chhattisgarh, 7 cases in Goa, 650 cases (28 deaths) in Gujarat, 199 instances (three deaths) in Haryana, 33 cases (end of one) in Himachal Pradesh, 278 cases in Jammu and Kashmir ( Four deaths), 27 cases (2 deaths) in Jharkhand, 260 cases (10 deaths) in Karnataka, 387 cases (3 deaths) in Kerala.

At the same time, 17 Coronavirus cases in Ladakh, 730 cases in Madhya Pradesh (50 deaths), 2 cases in Manipur, one case in Meghalaya, one case in Mizoram, one example in Nagaland, 60 instances in Odisha (one died), in Puducherry. Seven cases, 176 cases (12 deaths) in Punjab, 969 cases (3 deaths) in Rajasthan have confirmed.

Apart from this, 624 Coronavirus cases (17 deaths) in Telangana, two instances in Tripura, 37 cases in Uttarakhand, 660 cases (5 deaths) in Uttar Pradesh, 213 cases (7 deaths) in West Bengal. There are 9756 active cases in the country so far.