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Mumbai: 66 Corona Patients In Cordelia Cruise, Ruckus Inside the Ship


Corona Patients In Cordelia Cruise: Since the appearance of the Omicron variant, the coronavirus’s transmission speed has increased very fast. So much so that now the corona infected have been detected even in the Ship standing on the seashore. The news is from Mumbai.

At least 66 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed on the Cordelia cruise ship here. Let us tell you that Cordelia is the same cruise ship in which Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was detained a few months ago by the Narcotics Control Bureau on charges of possessing drugs.

2000 Passengers in the Ship

According to the report of India Today, on January 1, Cordelia Cruise Ship was to leave on a Mumbai-Goa-Mumbai package tour. The negative RTPCR report and double vaccination certificate of all the passengers were seen before boarding the Ship. After this, the Ship left for the sea with 2000 passengers.


But on January 2, the next day after the Ship’s departure, a crew member was found positive. After this RTPCR test of all the passengers was done, the report of 66 passengers came positive.

Corona Patients In Cordelia Cruise

All the positive people were isolated in the cruise itself in a hurry. At the same time, as soon as other passengers got this information, there was a stir in the Ship. The Ship’s officials told the passengers that they would drop off all the negative reports coming from the cruise in Goa. But this did not happen on reaching Goa.

After a two-hour-long conversation there, the Ship’s officials told the passengers that the Goa government had not allowed it. All the other passengers had to stay on the cruise, and the infected passengers were in such a situation. On January 3, after 10 pm, the cruise left for Goa to return to Mumbai.


According to media reports, there is an atmosphere of panic among the people aboard the Ship. They fear staying on the Ship for 15 days with the infected passengers. Apart from this, many rumours have come to the fore about flying inside the Ship.

Non-infected guests are protesting inside the Ship itself. There is a lot of anger among them because everyone will have to stay inside the cruise till the testing process is completed. The Brihanmumbai Municipality has given instructions for this.

Company statement revealed

On Tuesday, January 4, Waterways Leisure Tourism Pvt Ltd, the Cordelia Cruise Ships company, issued a statement. He said that he had followed all the COVID protocols and rules made by the Directorate General of Shipping of India.


The company’s CEO, Jurgen Ballum, said that the crew member who was COVID positive was immediately isolated. However, he objected to not allowing any passenger to come out of the Ship in Goa. Said that there was a lack of sympathy from the officials of the Goa government.

According to the official, the passengers and crew members must undergo an RTPCR test 48 hours before boarding. Also, it is necessary for all the people boarding the Ship to have both doses of the COVID vaccine. Jurgen Baum had claimed that all the guests had come back negative for RTPCR tests when the Ship departed on Sunday, January 2 and was fully vaccinated.

However, a cruise staff member showed mild infection symptoms, after which he was immediately isolated from the others, and all the guests and crew members were re-tested. Some people came out positive in this.


While accusing the Goa authorities, the CEO of WLTPL said that no official was present when the Ship reached the ship port. According to Jurgen, the crew members were hardly getting any instructions from the collector of the area.

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